Grade 2 Penmanship "Penmanship for Christian Writing" Set [2nd Ed]

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These materials are not compatible with the previous 1982 Edition. Significant changes include skipping the "slant print" letter forms previously taught as a transition to cursive, a slightly increased number of lessons, and now featuring a portrait-oriented workbook instead of landscape.

This course is composed of one workbook with three units divided into 70 lessons that have tear-out pages, and a 161-page teacher's guide that contains a reduced pupil's page and detailed teaching instructions for each lesson. Principles for teaching penmanship are taught, along with proper posture, pencil holding, and paper placement. Special instructions are given to teach left-handed students. This course also gives considerable attention to quality in penmanship, which includes slant, alignment, size, proportion, line quality, and spacing.

Unit 1 reviews the stroke formation of each of the capital and small letters of the manuscript alphabet, plus the numerals. Pupils learn about animals as they print sentences about them.

Unit 2 teaches cursive strokes and the formation of cursive small letters. Practice sentences about animals continue to use manuscript letters as a review.

Unit 3 teaches how to form cursive capital letters, and teaches how penmanship quality is affected by letter size, proportion, and also by word spacing, slant, and alignment. Practice sentences about animals are in cursive.

Each lesson has practice lines on the back of the tear-out sheet. Optional penmanship tablets of 100 sheets, ruled on both sides, are also available (see below) for any writing practice or assignments. The lines are spaces 1/2" apart, with a middle dashed line to help children proportion their letters properly.

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Table of Contents [teacher's manual]

  • Introduction to the Penmanship Series
  • Principles for Teaching Penmanship
  • Posture, Pencil Holding, and Paper Placement
  • Special Instructions for Left-Handed Pupils
  • How to Use the Teacher's Manual
  • To the Second Grade Teacher
  • Manuscript Demonstration Strokes

Unit 1 Manuscript Printing

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Stick Letters and Numerals: l, i, t, 1, 4
  • 3. Stick Letters: F, L, E, I, T, H
  • 4. Letters With Slanted Lines: k, v, w, x, y, z
  • 5. A Numeral and Letters With Slanted Lines: 7, X, A, N, Z
  • 6. Letters With Slanted Lines: K, M, Y, V, W
  • 7. Circle Numerals and Letters: 9, 6, O, o, Q, q
  • 8. Circle Letters: a, e, b, d
  • 9. Letters With Circles and Curves: f, g, q, c, u, r
  • 10. Letters With Curves: m, n, h, f, j, s
  • 11. Numerals With Curves: 2, 3, 5, 8
  • 12. Capital Letters With Curves: C, G, S, D
  • 13. Capital Letters With Curves: P, R, B, J, U

Unit 2 Cursive Strokes and Cursive Small Letters

  • • Stroke Formations of Cursive Small Letters
  • 14. Learning to Make Cursive Ovals
  • 15. Learning to Make Cursive "Ups and Downs"
  • 16. Cursive Undercurve and Overcurve Strokes
  • 17. Review of Strokes
  • 18. Learning to Make Cursive Loops
  • 19. Joining Undercurves and Slants
  • 20. Joining Overcurves and Slants
  • 21. Making Loops in Small Letters
  • 22. Review of Strokes and Stroke Combinations
  • 23. Learning Cursive Letters i and t
  • 24. Learning Cursive Letters e and l
  • 25. Learning Cursive Letters u and h
  • 26. Review of Cursive Small Letters: i, t, e, l, u, h
  • 27. Learning Cursive Letters n and m
  • 28. Learning Cursive Letters s and a
  • 29. Learning Cursive Letters o and d
  • 30. Review of Cursive Small Letters: n, m, s, a, o, d
  • 31. Learning Cursive Letters f and g
  • 32. Learning Cursive Letters p and r
  • 33. Learning Cursive Letters f and k
  • 34. Review of Cursive Small Letters: f, g, p, r, b, k
  • 35. Learning Cursive Letters j and w
  • 36. Learning Cursive Letters c and q
  • 37. Review of Cursive Small Letters: j, w, c, q
  • 38. Learning Cursive Letters y and v
  • 39. Learning Cursive Letters z and x
  • 40. Review of Cursive Small Letters: y, v, z, x
  • 41. General Review of Cursive Small Letters

Unit 3 Cursive Capital Letters and Introduction to Quality

  • • Stroke Formations of Cursive Capital Letters
  • 42. Learning Cursive Letters P and R
  • 43. Learning Cursive Letters B and L
  • 44. Learning Cursive Letters G and S
  • 45. Review of Cursive Capital Letters: P, R, B, L, G, S
  • 46. Learning Cursive Letters N and M
  • 47. Learning Cursive Letters H and K
  • 48. Learning Cursive Letters T and F
  • 49. Review of Cursive Capital Letters: N, M, H, K, T, F
  • 50. Learning Cursive Letters A and O
  • 51. Learning Cursive Letters C and E
  • 52. Learning Cursive Letters I and J
  • 53. Review of Cursive Capital Letters: A, O, C, E, I, J
  • 54. Learning Cursive Letters D and U
  • 55. Learning Cursive Letters Y and V
  • 56. Review of Cursive Capital Letters: D, U, Y, V
  • 57. Learning Cursive Letters W and X
  • 58. Learning Cursive Letters Q and Z
  • 59. Review of Cursive Capital Letters: W, X, Q, Z
  • 60. General Review of Cursive Capital Letters
  • 61. General Review of Cursive Letters
  • 62. Size
  • 63. Proportion
  • 64. Letter Spacing
  • 65. Word Spacing
  • 66. Slant, Part 1
  • 67. Slant, Part 2
  • 68. Alignment, Part 1
  • 69. Alignment, Part 2
  • 70. Review of Quality
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