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Grade 7 Science "God's Orderly World" Set

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God's World Science Series

This course contains 93 study sections in 8 units. Reviews are included at the end of each unit and at the end of each quarter. Each unit ends with a test, and a final test completes the course.

The book theme, "God's Orderly World," frequently shows the orderliness in the laws and designs of God's Creation. Another goal is to help the student understand the error of false science and how to guard against losing Biblical faith.


  • Introduction

Unit 1: What Is Science?

  • An Orderly World (A)
  • A Discoverable World (B)
  • The Scientific Method (C)
  • A Scientific Attitude (D)
  • Practical Use of Science (E)
  • A Dependable World (F)
  • Why Study Science? (F)
  • Limitations of Science (F)
  • Unit 1 Review

Unit 2: Life on the Earth

  • God, the Source of All Life (A)
  • Characteristics of Life (A)
  • Cells of Life (B)
  • The Cell Membrane (B)
  • The Protoplasm (C)
    • The Cytoplasm (C)
    • The Nucleus (D)
  • Function of Cells (D)
  • Multitudes of Living Things (E)
  • Survey of the Monera and Protista Kingdoms (F)
  • Survey of the Fungi Kingdom (G)
  • Survey of the Plant Kingdom (H)
    • Spore-producing Plants (H)
    • Seed-producing Plants (I)
  • Survey of the Animal Kingdom (J-L)
  • Unit 2 Review
  • First Quarter Review: Units 1-2

Unit 3: Natural Resources of the Earth

  • The Earth, Shaped by God (A)
  • Ecology and the Balance of Life (B)
  • The Atmosphere (C)
  • Water (D)
  • Soil (E)
  • Mineral and Fuel Resources (F)
  • Nonrenewable and Renewable Resources (G)
  • Stewardship of Natural Resources (H)
    • Biblical Principles of Good Stewardship (H)
    • Practical Conservation of Natural Resources (I)
  • Unit 3 Review

Unit 4: Sound

  • Sound and Faith (A)
  • Sources of Sound (A)
  • The Transmission of Sound (B)
  • The Speed of Sound (C)
  • Differences in Sound (D)
    • The Volume of Sound (D-E)
    • The Pitch of Sound (F)
    • The Quality of Sound (G)
    • The Regularity of Sound (G)
  • The Larynx, a Versatile Sound Producer (H)
  • The Ear, a Masterpiece of Creation (I)
    • Parts of the Ear (I)
    • Care of the Ears (J)
    • Using the Ears Wisely (J)
  • Unit 4 Review
  • Second Quarter Review: Units 1-4

Unit 5: Fire

  • Use and Control of Fire (A)
  • Fire, a Chemical Reaction (A)
  • Requirements for Burning (B)
    • Fuel (B)
    • Oxygen (C)
    • Heat (D)
  • Fighting Fires (E)
    • Fire Types and Fire Extinguishers (F)
    • Dealing With Fire Emergencies (G)
  • Preventing Fires (H)
    • Common Causes of Accidental Fires (H)
  • Unit 5 Review

Unit 6: The Force of Gravity

  • Gravity, a Mysterious Force (A)
    • The Bible and Gravity (B)
    • The Orbits of Heavenly Bodies (B)
  • The Earth's Gravity (C)
    • Weight (D)
    • Density (D)
  • Gravity and Water Pressure (E)
    • Buoyant Force (F)
  • Gravity and Atmospheric Pressure (G)
    • Lifting Liquids With Atmospheric Pressure (H)
    • Creating a Partial Vacuum (I)
    • Lighter-than-air Balloons (J)
  • Unit 6 Review
  • Third Quarter Review: Units 1-6

Unit 7: Diseases

  • The Body, a Gift From God (A)
  • When Sickness Comes (A)
    • A Doctor's Instruments (A)
  • Infectious Diseases (B)
    • Diseases Caused by Germs (B)
    • Common Disease Parasites (C)
    • Defenses Against Infectious Diseases (D)
  • Sanitary Living (E)
    • Personal Hygiene (E)
    • Sanitation in Other Areas (E)
  • Other Kinds of Diseases (F)
    • Allergies (F)
    • Degenerative Diseases (F)
    • Nutrition-related Diseases (G)
    • Congenital and Heriditary Diseases (G)
    • Cancer (G)
  • A Biblical View of Medicine (H-I)
  • Unit 7 Review

Unit 8: Agriculture

  • The Importance of Farming (A)
  • The Farmer as a Steward (B)
    • Stewardship of Soil (B)
    • Care of the Soil (C)
    • Stewardship of Crops (D-E)
    • Stewardship of Livestock (F-G)
  • Farming as an Occupation (H)
  • Unit 8 Review
  • Final Review: Units 1-8
  • Glossary
  • Index
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