Grades 6-8 (Level 2) Punctuation and Capitalization English Worksheets Set

Grades 6-8 (Level 2) Punctuation and Capitalization English Worksheets Set

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These worksheets are suitable for supplementary work for grades 6-8. Some parents like to use these worksheets to give extra practice during the summer vacation.

Most of the worksheets are self-contained in that the text at the top of a given page explains the concept(s) drilled on that page. So the worksheets do not necessarily need to be done in the order they appear. However, there is a certain amount of building on the concepts of former worksheets within a group, such as the worksheets on verbs. This is especially true of the pages entitled "Practice With..." These worksheets begin with a sentence like the following: "This page gives practice with concepts from Worksheets 4-9."

Not all the material in the Building Christian English Series is covered in these worksheets. They are not designed to be used in place of the textbooks. The chief purpose of these worksheets is to give extra practice with basic concepts of English grammar and mechanics.


  • Introduction


  • 1. Periods After Sentences, Initials, and Abbreviations
  • 2. Question Marks and Exclamation Points
  • 3. Practice With End Punctuation
  • 4. Commas With Words in a Series
  • 5. Commas With Appositives and Nouns of Direct Address
  • 6. Commas With Independent Elements
  • 7. Commas in Compound Sentences
  • 8. Commas in Complex Sentences
  • 9. Commas With Quotations
  • 10. Practice With Commas
  • 11. Commas in Dates and Addresses
  • 12. Commas in Letter Writing
  • 13. Commas With Descriptive Adjectives
  • 14. Commas With Nonrestrictive Clauses
  • 15. Commas for Clear Meaning
  • 16. More Practice With Commas
  • 17. Apostrophes in Contractions and Possessive Forms
  • 18. Apostrophes in Plural Forms
  • 19. Quotation Marks With Direct Quotations
  • 20. Quotation Marks With Titles
  • 21. Single and Double Quotation Marks
  • 22. Practice With Apostrophes and Quotation Marks
  • 23. Colons
  • 24. Semicolons
  • 25. Hyphens
  • 26. Italics and Underlining
  • 27. Dashes and Parentheses
  • 28. Using Commas, Dashes, and Parentheses
  • 29. Brackets
  • 30. Ellipses Points
  • 31. Practice With Punctuation


  • 32. Capital Letters to Begin Sentences and Quotations
  • 33. Capital Letters for Proper Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives
  • 34. More Proper Nouns and Adjectives
  • 35. Capital Letters in Titles and in Letter Writing
  • 36. Practice With Capitalization
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