Grades 3-5 (Level 1) The Sentence English Worksheets Set

Grades 3-5 (Level 1) The Sentence English Worksheets Set

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These worksheets are suitable for supplementary work for grades 3-5 and as remedial work for students in higher grades. Some parents like to use these worksheets to give extra practice during the summer vacation.

Most of the worksheets are self-contained in that the text at the top of a given page explains the concept(s) drilled on that page. So the worksheets do not necessarily need to be done in the order they appear. However, there is a certain amount of building on the concepts of former worksheets within a group, such as the worksheets on sentence patterns. This is especially true of the pages entitled "Practice With..." These worksheets begin with a sentence like the following: "This page gives practice with things from Worksheets 1-10."

Not all the material in the Building Christian English Series is covered on these worksheets. They are not designed to be used in place of the textbooks. The chief purpose of these worksheets is to give extra practice with basic concepts of English grammar and mechanics.


  • Introduction

Sentence Structure

  • 1. Recognizing Sentences
  • 2. Finding the Simple Predicate
  • 3. Verb Phrases in Sentences
  • 4. Finding the Simple Subject
  • 5. Sentence Skeletons
  • 6. Diagraming Sentence Skeletons
  • 7. Compound Subjects
  • 8. Compound Predicates
  • 9. Sentence Fragments
  • 10. Run-on Sentences
  • 11. Practice With Sentence Structure

Sentence Classes

  • 12. Working With Statements
  • 13. Working With Questions
  • 14. Working With Commands
  • 15. Working With Exclamations
  • 16. Statements, Questions, Commands, and Exclamations
  • 17. Simple Sentences and Compound Sentences
  • 18. Compound Parts and Compound Sentences
  • 19. Combining Choppy Sentences
  • 20. Practice With Sentence Classes

Sentence Patterns

  • 21. Main Sentence Parts: Skeleton Only
  • 22. Diagraming Sentence Skeletons
  • 23. Sentences With Direct Objects
  • 24. Diagraming Sentences With Direct Objects
  • 25. Sentences With Predicate Nouns or Pronouns
  • 26. Diagraming Sentences With Predicate Nouns or Pronouns
  • 27. Sentences With Predicate Adjectives
  • 28. Diagraming Sentences With Predicate Adjectives
  • 29. Practice With Sentence Patterns
  • 30. Diagraming Practice With Sentence Patterns
  • 31. Adjectives in Sentences
  • 32. Adjective Phrases in Sentences
  • 33. Adverbs in Sentences
  • 34. Adverb Phrases in Sentences
  • 35. Practice With Diagraming
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