Grade 7 Complete (CONSUMABLES) Program Set

  • 4.79 lbs

Item #1-1-7--XC

This set includes:  # in My Cart
  Reading Workbook $9.90
  Reading Workbook Tests $2.95
  English Worksheets $4.95
  English Tests $3.95
  Math Quizzes and Speed Tests $5.95
  Math Chapter Tests $3.95
  Science Tests $2.95
  Bible Workbook $11.95
  Bible Tests $2.95
  History/Geography Tests $3.95
  Artpac $8.95
This set includes: 11 items    
  • $62.40

This is a consumables-only set containing the workbooks and tests for the
Grade 7 Complete Program Set
This set does not include the reader, hardback textbooks, or teacher's manuals.

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      4.79 lbs
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