Copyrights on Current Rod and Staff Curriculum

PreschoolABC Series
10002Bible Stories to Read1989
10011Adventures with Books1987
10012Bible Pictures to Color1989
10013Counting with Numbers1989
10014Do It Carefully1990
10015Everywhere We Go1991
10016Finding the Answers1992
PreschoolGHI Series
10031Going On Eagerly2008
10032Hearing and Helping2010
10033Inside and Outside2011
10034Just Thinking and Choosing2013
10035Keep Doing It Carefully2013
10036Learning More and More2015
10041My Writing Book2020
10042Names for All the Animals2020
Grade 1Bible Nurture and Reader Series
111014Reader Units 1,22016
111034Reader Units 3,42016
111054Reader Units 5,62016
111214Reading Wbk. Units 1,22016
111234Reading Wbk. Units 3,42016
111254Reading Wbk. Units 5,62016
111314Phonics Wbk. Unit 12016
111324Phonics Wbk. Unit 22016
111334Phonics Wbk. Unit 32016
111344Phonics Wbk. Unit 42016
111354Phonics Wbk. Unit 52016
111364Phonics Wbk. Unit 62016
111414Worksheets Units 1-52016
111464Worksheets Unit 62016
111514Penmanship Units 1,22016
111534Penmanship Units 3,42016
111554Penmanship Units 5,62016
111614Reading Blacklines2017
111714Practice Pages Units 1,22016
111734Practice Pages Units 3,42016
111754Practice Pages Units 5,62016
111914Reading Teacher Manual2017
111934Phonics Teacher Manual2017
Grade 1Math: Beginning Arithmetic
131213Pupil Wbk. Part 12010
131223Pupil Wbk. Part 22010
131713Speed Drills2010
131613Practice Sheets2010
131913Teacher Manual2011
13141Math Flash Cards1991
Grade 1Penmanship for Christian Writing
151912Teacher Guide2019
Grade 1Beginning in Music One
18110Music Wbk.1983
Grade 1Developing Motor Skills in Art
19181Student Packet1988
19189Teacher Manual1988
Grade 2Bible Nurture and Reader Series
11201-3Reader Units 1-31987
11204-3Reader Units 4,51987
11211-3Reading Wbk. Unit 11987
11212-3Reading Wbk. Unit 21987
11213-3Reading Wbk. Unit 31987
11214-3Reading Wbk. Unit 41987
11215-3Reading Wbk. Unit 51987
11221-3Phonics Wbk. Unit 11987
11222-3Phonics Wbk. Units 2,31987
11224-3Phonics Wbk. Units 4,51987
11291-3Reading Teacher Manual1987
11292-3Phonics Teacher Manual1987
Grade 2Math: Working Arithmetic
132214Pupil Wbk. 12020
132224Pupil Wbk. 22020
132234Pupil Wbk. 32020
132244Pupil Wbk. 42020
132614Practice Sheets Bk. 12020
132624Practice Sheets Bk. 22020
132514Supplement Pack2020
132914Teacher Manual Wbks. 1-22020
132924Teacher Manual Wbks. 3-42020
Grade 2English: Preparing to Build
12202-3Pupil Textbook1983
12292-3Teacher Manual1983
12212-3Test Booklet1983
Grade 2Spelling by Sound and Structure
16221Pupil Wbk.1985
16291Teacher Book1986
Grade 2Science: God's Created World
142014Pupil Textbook2021
142214Pupil Wbk.2021
142914Teacher Manual2021
Grade 2Proper Manners and Health Habits
18221Pupil Wbk.1981
18291Teacher Manual1981
Grade 2Social Studies: Our Father's World
19221Pupil Wbk.1982
19291Teacher Manual1982
Grade 2Penmanship for Christian Writing
152212Pupil Wbk.2019
152912Teacher Guide2019
Grade 2Beginning in Music Two
18210Pupil Wbk. and Tea. Guide1983
Grade 3Bible Nurture and Reader Series
11301-3Reader Units 1-31988
11304-3Reader Units 4,51988
11311-3Reading Wbk.Unit 11988
11312-3Reading Wbk.Unit 21988
11313-3Reading Wbk.Unit 31988
11314-3Reading Wbk.Unit 41988
11315-3Reading Wbk.Unit 51988
11391-3Teacher Manual1988
Grade 3Math: Exploring Arithmetic
13301-3Pupil Textbook1993
13371-3Speed Drills1993
13391-3Teacher Manual1993
13392-3Worksheets, Tea. Ed.2012
Grade 3English: Beginning Wisely
12303-3Pupil Textbook1991
12393-3Teacher Manual1991
12313-3Test Booklet1991
Grades 3-5English Worksheets
129232The Eights Parts of Speech2010
129932The Eights Parts of Speech, Tea. Ed.2010
129242The Sentence2010
129942The Sentence, Tea. Ed.2010
129252Punctuation and Capitalization2010
129952Punctuation and Capitalization, Tea. Ed.2010
Grade 3Spelling by Sound and Structure
16321Pupil Wbk.1988
16391Teacher Edition1988
Grade 3Science: God's Protected World
14301Pupil Textbook1991
14391Teacher Manual1992
14311Test Booklet1991
Grade 3Social Studies: Understanding Our Community
19301.1Pupil Textbook2006
19321.1Pupil Wbk.2006
19391.1Teacher Guide2006
19311.1Test Booklet2006
Grade 3Penmanship for Christian Writing
153212Pupil Wbk.2021
153912Teacher Guide2021
Grade 3Beginning in Music Three
18310Pupil Book and Tea. Guide1984
Grade 4Bible Nurture and Reader Series
11411-3Reading Wbk. Unit 11989
11412-3Reading Wbk. Unit 21989
11413-3Reading Wbk. Unit 31989
11491-3Teacher Manual1989
Grade 4Math: Progressing with Arithmetic
13401-3Pupil Textbook1995
13471-3Speed Drills1995
13411-3Test Booklet1995
13491-3Teacher Manual Part 11995
13492-3Teacher Manual Part 21995
Grade 4English: Building with Diligence
12404-3Pupil Textbook1992
12494-3Teacher Manual1992
12414-3Test Booklet1992
Grade 4Spelling by Sound and Structure
164212Pupil Workbook2007
164912Teacher Edition2007
Grade 4Science: God's Inspiring World
14401Pupil Textbook1999
14491Teacher Manual1999
14411Test Booklet1999
Grade 4,5Health for the Glory of God
18421Pupil Wbk.1976
18491Teacher Edition1976
18411Test Booklet1976
Grade 4Hist/Geo: Homelands Around the World
19401Pupil Textbook1997
194911Teacher Manual1997,2010
19411Test Booklet1997
Grade 4Penmanship for Christian Writing
154212Pupil Wbk.2021
154912Teacher Guide2021
Grade 4,5Growing in Music
18510Pupil Textbook1982
18511Pupil Wbk.1982
18591Teacher Manual1982
18521Test Booklet1982
Grade 5Reading: A Time to Plant
11521Reader Wbk.2005
11592Teacher Manual2005
11511Test Booklet2005
Grade 5Bible: God Chooses a Family
17521Pupil Wbk.1997
17591Teacher Manual1997
19511Test Booklet1997
Grade 5Math: Gaining Skills with Arithmetic
13501-3Pupil Textbook1995
13571-3Speed Drills1995
13511-3Test Booklet1995
13591-3Teacher Manual Part 11995
13592-3Teacher Manual Part 21995
Grade 5English: Following the Plan
12505-3Pupil Textbook1993
12595-3Teacher Manual1993
Grade 5Spelling by Sound and Structure
165212Pupil Workbook2007
165912Teacher Edition2007
Grade 5Science: God's Wonderful World
14501Pupil Textbook2004
14591Teacher Edition2004
14511Test Booklet2004
Grade 5Hist/Geo: Homelands of North America
19501Pupil Textbook1994
195911Teacher Manual1994,2011
19511Test Booklet1994
Grade 6Reading: A Time to Build
11623Reading Wbk.2015
11693Teacher Manual2015
11613Test Booklet2015
Grade 6Bible: God's Chosen Family as a Nation
17621Pupil Wbk.1999
17691Teacher Manual1999
17611Test Booklet1999
Grade 6Math: Understanding Mathematics
13601-3Pupil Textbook1996
13671-3Quizzes and Speed Tests1996
13691-3Teacher Manual Part 11996
13692-3Teacher Manual Part 21996
13611-3Test Booklet1996
Grade 6English: Progressing with Courage
12606-3Pupil Textbook1994
12696-3Teacher Manual1994
12616-3Test Booklet1994
Grades 6-8English Worksheets
129262The Eights Parts of Speech2011
129962The Eights Parts of Speech, Tea.2011
129272The Sentence2011
129972The Sentence, Tea.2011
129282Punctuation and Capitalization2011
129982Punctuation and Capitalization, Tea.2011
Grade 6Spelling by Sound and Structure
166012Pupil Textbook2009
166912Teacher's Manual2009
Grade 6Science: God's Inhabited World
14601Pupil Textbook2006
14691Teacher Edition2006
14611Test Booklet2006
Grade 6Hist/Geo Understanding Latin America
19601Pupil Textbook1997
196911Teacher Manual2005,2012
19611Test Booklet1997
Grade 6,7Developing in Music
18601Pupil Textbook1984
18621Pupil Wbk.1999
18691Teacher Manual1984
18611Test Booklet1984
Grade 7Reading: A Time to Gather
11723Reading Wbk.2015
11793Teacher Manual2015
11713Test Booklet2015
Grade 7Bible: God Visits His Chosen Family
17721Pupil Wbk.2000
17791Teacher Manual2000
17711Test Booklet2000
Grade 7Math: Mastering Mathematics
13701-3Pupil Textbook1997
13771-3Quizzes and Speed Tests1997
13791-3Teacher Manual Part 11997
13792-3Teacher Manual Part 21997
13711-3Test Booklet1997
Grade 7English: Building Securely
12707-3Pupil Textbook1996
12797-3Teacher Manual1996
12717-3Test Booklet1996
Grade 7Spelling by Sound and Structure
167012Pupil Textbook2008
167912Teacher Guide2009
Grade 7Science: God's Orderly World
14701Pupil Textbook2008
14791Teacher Manual2008
14711Test Booklet2008
Grade 7Hist/Geo: Understanding the Old World
19701Pupil Textbook2002
197911Teacher Manual2002,2011
19711Test Booklet2002
Grade 7History: Creation to Canaan
19703Pupil Textbook1979
19723Pupil Wbk.1981
19793Teacher Wbk. Edition1981
19713Test Booklet1981
Grade 8Reading: A Time of Peace
11891Teacher Guide1993
Grade 8Bible: God's Redeemed Family--The Church
17821Pupil Wbk.2004
17891Teacher Manual2004
17811Test Booklet2004
Grade 8Bible: Truth for Life
17722Pupil Wbk.1965
17792Teacher Manual1965
Grade 8Math: Applying Mathematics
13801-3Pupil Textbook2004
13871-3Quizzes and Speed Tests2004
13891-3Teacher Manual Part 12004
13892-3Teacher Manual Part 22004
13811-3Test Booklet2004
Grade 8English: Preparing for Usefulness
12808-3Pupil Textbook1997
12898-3Teacher Manual1997
12818-3Test Booklet1997
Grade 8Spelling by Sound and Structure
16801Pupil Textbook2001
16891Teacher Guide2001
Grade 8Science: God's Orderly World
14801Pupil Textbook2011
14891Teacher Manual2011
14811Test Booklet2011
Grade 8Hist/Geo: Understanding North American History
19801Pupil Textbook2005
198911Teacher Manual2005,2011
19811Test Booklet2005
Grade 8Maturing in Music
188012Pupil Wbk.2012
188912Teacher Manual2012
188112Test Booklet2012
Grade 9Reading: A Time to Heal
11991Teacher Guide2002
Grade 9Bible: The Revelation of God
17921Pupil Wbk.2005
17991Teacher Manual2005
17911Test Booklet2005
Grade 10Bible: The Completion of God's Plan for Man
17922Pupil Wbk.2005
17992Teacher Manual2006
17912Test Booklet2005
Grade 9,10English: Communicating Effectively
12901-3Book 1 Pupil2003
12991-3Book 1 Teacher Manual2003
12911-3Book 1 Tests, Editing Sheets2002
12902-3Book 2 Pupil2001
12992-3Book 2 Teacher Manual2001
12912-3Book 2 Tests, Editing Sheets2001
Grade 9,10Math: Recordkeeping for Christian Stewardship
139011Pupil Textbook2010
139211Workbook, Part 12010
139221Workbook, Part 22010
139911Teacher Manual2010
139111Test Booklet2010
Grade 9Science: God's Orderly World
14901Pupil Textbook2016
14991Teacher Manual2016
14911Test Booklet2016
Grade 9Hist/Geo: Understanding the Past Five Centuries
19901Pupil Textbook2007
19991Teacher Manual2007
19911Test Booklet2007
Grade 10Hist/Geo: Understanding World Geography
199021Pupil Textbook2021
199921Teacher Manual2021
199121Quizzes and Tests2021