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Two Boys Chosen

"Let's go play ball!" With these words, the boys grabbed their gloves and headed for the open field.

It was to be an enjoyable Sunday afternoon. A time of laughter and fun. Instead, tragedy struck.

Six-year-old Floyd was devastated. How could he go on? Sadness and despair filled his heart. If only he could play with his little brother again.

One night he did—in an unusual place.

This true story shows how a touch from God brought healing to a young boy's heart. More info...

Moments with Birds - Coloring Book

Features 37 species of birds.

Birds seem to be the most cheerful creatures on earth. Even though they do not have a house to live in and must go searching to find something to eat, they always seem cheerful. We can learn much from them. The Bible says, "Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?"

I hope you enjoy coloring these birds. God has made them very beautiful. Keep your eyes open when you go outside, and you might see one of the birds you have colored!

More info...

Tales of Sumarkand: Stories of Christians in Muslim Lands

Krie was deep in thought, staring absentmindedly at the large map of the world on the wall. Suddenly, he started. A land he had never seen before rose into view before him....

Krie held very still. He hardly even breathed. He was very curious. What kind of people lived there? Were they like him—with nice houses, good neighbors, and lots to eat? Did they know the Lord?

The shameless purpose of these tales of Sumarkand [accounts that have been fictionalized to protect identities] is to urge you to get involved and to help build the Road. Hearken! The Voice may be calling you to pray or to lend some other help to make a Way for His people in Sumarkand.

Please read carefully. Not everyone who claims to be building the Road is building straight or gathering out all the stones. The lovely people of Sumarkand deserve only the tried and true, only the original. If you know what true Christianity is, then this book is for you.

You may find the people of Sumarkand to be quite charming, but they have stories that will disturb you. Their stories may not fit your view of the world and how it should work, but please do not put them out of your mind, because these stories are all too true for those who are living them out. More info...

Journey Into Jesus

A devotional exploration of thirty-two names of our Lord

Word of God. True Vine. Son of Man. Rabbi. High Priest. King of kings. Alpha and Omega. Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We've read these names of Jesus in Scripture, but what do they mean? And what do they mean for us?

This devotional study begins where John begins his Gospel: "In the beginning was the Word." From that great and unfathomable expanse, we take our first step into acquaintance with Jesus of Nazareth. Each name takes us a step further. Sometimes our hearts leap with insight; sometimes we simply sit and ponder. Learning to know Jesus is a journey because Jesus is the Way—the way to Life, the way to the Father.

Journey into Jesus takes us beyond mere knowledge to a deeper heart relationship with the Friend of Sinners, our Savior. Together we repent, we worship and adore, we love and obey our Captain and Lord. We owe our lives to Him! More info...

Jesus and Proverbs

Reconciling the teachings of Jesus and Proverbs regarding money and business

The book of Proverbs provides lots of advice that can be useful in managing our finances or running a business. It not only tells us how we can obtain wealth, but also that it can be a blessing in our lives. We read that "The poor is hated of his own neighbor; but the rich hath many friends," and we end up with the feeling that rich people are blessed and the poor are not.

But when we turn to the teachings of Jesus, we read something quite different. "Blessed be ye poor," Jesus told His followers. And, "How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!" It is an entirely different message—and certainly doesn't sound as if riches were a blessing!

So what are we to do? Can the Old Testament teachings regarding wealth and business be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus? How should we view money? What is God's will for us today?

This book, an expanded version of section in the book It's Not Your Business, tries to answer these questions. More info...

Searching for Meaning: A Study of Ecclesiastes

How can I find meaning in life?

Sooner or later most of us face this question. It doesn't matter how popular, how rich, or how successful we are.

Finding meaning in life can be elusive. Money can't buy it, education can't teach it, and possessions can't supply it. You can't find it by getting married, losing weight, or deciding to do more meditation. Religion won't fix the problem—and neither will committing suicide.

But life isn't meant to be hopeless or meaningless. There are answers. Welcome to the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Solomon had almost everything life offers. He had money and possessions. He had power. He had wisdom and knowledge. He had women. But there was one thing he didn't have: meaning in life. And it was something he wanted. Badly!

This book tells the story of Solomon's quest to understand God and find meaning in life. You will be surprised at what all he tried that didn't work. And you may be surprised at his conclusion. More info...

Christ, the Prophet, Priest, and King

God created man to be a prophet, having a true knowledge of Him; a priest, possessing righteousness and holiness; and a king, having dominion over God's creation. But man fell into sin and did not follow the plan that God had outlined.

Throughout the Old Testament era, God appointed men to fill the offices of prophet, priest, and king. They were known as "the Lord's anointed."

"But when the fulness of time was come" (Galatians 4:4), God sent His Son to the earth as the Messiah—"the Anointed One."

This book explains the unfolding of God's plan for prophets, priests, and kings. These three offices were combined in Jesus, "the Anointed One." He fills these offices to the highest degree possible. Christ, our Prophet, our Priest, and our King deserves all our worship and service. More info...

Let the Little Children Come

Moms, are you unsure how to pray with your children? Does the idea of teaching them to pray make you feel inadequate?

Author Christine Diller felt the same way. Though their family prayed together, looking back she realized something was missing. She did not know enough about prayer and was shy about praying with her children. Today she wishes she would have had the knowledge and courage to pray more with her children when they were young.

Children have simple faith and pray simple prayers. Let the Little Children Come is a simple discussion on prayer from a grandmother's heart: what it is, how to teach children about it, how to pray with your children, and how to increase your own ministry of prayer for your loved ones. More info...

The Lost Doll and Other Stories

Doris can't find her doll. "I'm sure Leona took it, and I'll never get it back," she tells Mother.

But Mother is not so sure. "We won't blame Leona, or anyone else, for taking your doll," she says to Doris.

Doris learns an important lesson when she discovers who the thief really is.

What should Kyle do when his friend throws stones at the pigs?

Mark is bored when his brothers and sisters go back to school. "There is nothing to do," he tells Father. But Father has an idea for him.

"I'm hungry enough to eat a whole cow," Luke declares. He likes to make things sound bigger or greater than they really are. But is he saying the truth?

Children will enjoy this collection of stories for four- to seven-year-olds. Each story teaches a practical lesson for real-life circumstances. More info...

The Little Boy Who Changed the World

Ruby was a little girl with wild, curly hair who dreamed of changing the world. Sometimes she imagined that she would be a famous artist. Sometimes she hoped that she would be a nurse for poor children in far-off countries. She dreamed about becoming a scientist and finding a cure for cancer. But she never dreamed of becoming a teacher.

To her surprise, Ruby did become a teacher. A little boy with sparkling eyes and wiggly ears became one of her students—but also her teacher. He taught Ruby how changing the world really happens. He can teach you too! The Little Boy Who Changed the World is not just a children's story. It is a story with inspiration for all of us. More info...


One spring day, Father brings Alice a wonderful surprise: a tiny orphan lamb. Alice whispers into its floppy ear, "An orphan lamb is a dream come true! How glad I am for a lamb like you!"

Alice cares for Bristol just as a mother would. She gives him milk from a bottle, day and night. It is a lot of work to care for a tiny lamb, but oh, what could be better than a white, woolly lamb with brown speckles on his face?

Then one day, Bristol does something naughty. To Alice's happy surprise, she discovers that she has something even better than a white, woolly lamb! More info...

A Lantern in the Window

Nothing exciting could happen on a farm on the Ohio River, Peter thought. He wanted to be near the river to get a job on a river boat. What were the mysterious sounds in the night, skiffs on the river, strange people asking questions, the lantern in the attic in the night? All Peter was told, at first, was to read the Preamble of the Constitution. Peter found his gentle Quaker relatives were part of the Underground Railroad and when he helped the big slave, Jethro, he learned the importance of what the man kept risking his life for—"Liberty... or death." A very exciting period in history. Peter became a hero. More info...

Sam and His Friends and Heather the Sheep

2 new titles in the "Green Meadow" series. Stories about farm animals that will delight young children as they learn some important life lessons. More info...

Something Good

Seven-year-old Krista was bored. What could she do to be helpful when she was so much younger than her brothers and sisters? Sometimes it seemed she was not really needed.

One day when she was memorizing her Bible verse, "Let us do good unto all men," she had an idea. I know what I'll do, she thought. It will be a lot of fun! Excitedly she began to make plans.

No longer did Krista feel bored and useless. Through it all, she learned an important secret—making others happy makes us happy too. More info...

Mr. Pepper Hurries - "Happy Day Farm Series"

From the Happy Day Farm Series.

Follow Mr. Pepper and his family though a day on the farm. Mr. Pepper hurries to feed the cows, pigs, horses, and goats. He hurries through breakfast. But his hurrying stops when his tractor won't start. More info...

Dolly the Milk Cow - "Pleasant Valley Farm Series"

From the Pleasant Valley Farm Series.

"Great is thy faithfulness." —Lamentations 3:23

At four o'clock every afternoon, old Dolly faithfully led the other cows to the barn for milking. Then one winter day, Dolly slipped and fell on the ice. Would she be brave enough to trust Farmer Don and lead the herd as usual?

Note to Parents

Helga Moser bases her Pleasant Valley Farm Series on actual incidents that happened on her parents' farm. As you read the stories to your children, they will learn, along with the animals, some basic values for life.

This story highlights the bond between Farmer Don and his faithful cow Dolly, who has led the herd day after day for years. When the vet suggests that blind Dolly be sold, Farmer Don remembers her years of service and keeps her on the farm. The day Dolly falls on the ice and can't see the safe path to the barn, she is afraid to lead the herd as she usually does. But Farmer Don doesn't give up on her; instead, his patient encouragement gets her going again.

This enjoyable story will help your children learn to share Farmer Don's compassion for God's creatures. And as they mature, may they realize that God's compassion for His fearful, faltering human beings never fails. When we can't see the way, He guides us by His Word and His Spirit.

More info...

Christopher and the Move (Book 4) - "The Fehr Family Series"

Book 4 of The Fehr Family Series. A sequel to The Missing Invitation.

"Moving shouldn't be allowed," Christopher growls. Everyone in the Fehr family except Christopher is happy about moving to their new home. To him, the only exciting part is riding in the moving truck. Moving is hard work, and it doesn't help that he gets teased and reprimanded about being lazy.

Christopher misses their old house, even though it was smaller and didn't have a "Study Box." He misses Trouble Creek and romping in the woods. Christopher feels sorry for Great-Grandma when she must move too.

Will the new place ever feel like home? Will Great-Grandma adjust to living in a nursing home? And how will Christopher overcome his reputation for being work-shy? More info...

A Peaceful Way - Storybook

Also available with a coloring book in this set.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

This is a true story that happened in September of 1777, in Easton, New York.

At the meetinghouse, a small group of Quakers and a band of Indians meet face to face.

What will happen next? More info...

Under a Silent Sky

Can Jurian elude the ruthless Konrad von Marburg who is determined to stop his life's work?

"What happened, Jurian?"

Jurian didn't answer immediately. Opening his pack, he lifted out and precisely arranged a sheaf of parchment, several scrolls, and a few ornate little books on the rough-hewn table.

"I bring news," he said. "It is not good."

"Is it you? Jurian, have you been reported?"

Jurian glanced up. "I wouldn't have come back here if I had been."

"Tell me, Jurian. What happened? Tell me!"

Tact had never been Jurian's talent. "It's the worst thing that could happen," he said starkly. "The worst that could happen—to the Work or to us."

"Then it's Konrad von Marburg," Gerard whispered.

Under a Silent Sky is a historical fiction story set in Germany in the 1200s. Defying the state church, Jurian has dedicated his life to translating the Scriptures into the people's dialect. Now the powerful and ruthless Konrad von Marburg is on the prowl for heretics, and Jurian's time is running out. Only God can save him and the Work. But where is God as Marburg closes in? More info...

I Appeal to Scripture

The Life and Writings of Michael Sattler

Quarrels, bizarre theology, and erratic behavior rumbled within; ruthless persecution blasted from without. Would Anabaptism disintegrate? Stable leadership with compelling vision was the need of the hour. Thankfully, God provided. Follow Michael Sattler's story as he shepherds the faltering Anabaptist movement in stormy days. More info...

The World of Animals - Mini Picture Book

Also available in this set.

Size: 6.5"×4.75"

This book is almost as good as Noah's ark—without the work! Each page is an opportunity to get a captivating look at some of God's amazing creatures.

Keep an eye out to spot Noah somewhere on each page spread! More info...

The Living of These Days: Stories From the Covid-19 Pandemic

49 Stories from the Covid-19 Pandemic


I pictured each of my school-age children destined for a life of counselor appointments. Each of them would start with, "You see, all my problems began during the COVID-19 pandemic when my mom tried to homeschool us..."

The Homeschooling Thermometer by Mable Reiff

COVID-19 seemed to threaten us. It wasn't our health that felt threatened, though we are as vulnerable as anyone. But suddenly, right during the trauma of Sasha's murder, we could no longer gather and encourage one another. Right when I was trying to lead, comfort, and defend, it felt as if I couldn't.

The Preacher's COVID Lessons by Rodney Witmer

As the fire crackled, my siblings and I discussed the quarantine. Without church and social events, we would need activities to keep us busy. We wanted to respect the government rulings while finding ways to connect with others. For our emotional well-being, we needed goals.

Quarantine Family Challenge by Gina Martin

More info...

Grade 10 Geography "Understanding World Geography" Set

This course discusses God's home for man from a Biblical perspective. The hardcover textbook is divided into nine units, each with 2 to 4 chapters, for a total of 27 chapters. The first two units consider general themes about the physical earth and man's life on it. The other seven units each cover a major region of the earth. Each chapter has review exercises.

Understanding World Geography has a Quick Facts chart for 198 countries, plus the 50 states and the 13 provinces or territories of Canada. It has a pronunciation guide, a glossary, a map and chart index, and a general index. Each chapter begins with a Biblical focus, which includes a short Bible passage and a few pertinent thoughts.

The hardcover Teacher's Manual contains a reduced copy of each pupil's page, as well as copies of the maps, quizzes, and tests with the answers filled in. Surrounding the pupil's pages are the main points, the Christian perspectives, the answers to exercises, and other helpful information.

A separate Map Booklet contains 26 maps for students to label as they learn about different parts of the earth. (Other map work is included in the textbook.)

A separate Quiz and Test Booklet contains a quiz for every chapter, a test for every one or two chapters, and a final test (a total of 17 tests). More info...

Lidia's Pathway to God

Lidia Kemp and her parents attended the Lakeshore Mennonite Church, a new outreach congregation. Although her father was one of the ordained leaders of the church, Lidia had never become a member herself. She had experienced the new birth and had gone through instruction class.

Then something had happened—something that took her eyes off Christ. And now, at eighteen years old, she was bound so tightly in its grip that she was powerless to break free. She knew that God's power was available, but the road of repentance and confession looked too high a price to pay for victory.

God was watching the battle for Lidia's soul, and He loved Lidia. With infinite mercy, He shaped the events in her life to draw her to Himself. Lidia's Pathway to God is a beautiful portrayal of Christ's power to change a life from self-centeredness and rebellion to humble service for God.

More info...

Roger and His Rabbit Tale

After Mother buys a book about rabbits at a secondhand store, Roger enjoys looking at the glossy pictures. There are lop-eared, gray rabbits; black-and-white rabbits with perky ears; rabbits with dewlaps—all kinds of rabbits—but surely all would be soft, furry, and fun to play with. In fact, they are so fascinating that Roger wouldn't mind having one of each kind!

Father and Mother remind Roger that rabbits are not only fun, but also a certain amount of work. And Roger must prove himself responsible before Father will buy rabbits for him.

In the weeks that follow, Roger discovers how hard it is to break habits of carelessness and irresponsibility. Will he ever reach his goal?

A sequel to Paper Playmates. More info...

Rebekah's Remarkable Ideas

According to her siblings, Rebekah has the most remarkable ideas.

"But Rebekah, you already have a doll table and chairs." Catherine stretched to reach a raspberry in the middle of the patch. "What would you want with another set of doll furniture?"

Rebekah plucked a raspberry, popped it into her mouth, and chewed it carefully before she replied. "I guess you'll just have to learn to accept it," she said, "that I like trying to make things myself even when I don't need them. I don't know what would happen to me if I would never invent anything unusual. Something not—not nice."

Written with eight- to ten-year-olds in mind, Rebekah's Remarkable Ideas also appeals to adults reading it aloud to younger children. More info...

A Light from the Lighthouse (Volume 13) - "Keeper'sBook Series"

A Keeper'sBook from the editors of Keepers at Home Magazine.

Articles and poems sharing words of wisdom, encouragement, and hope for a parent, a sibling, or a spouse of a prodigal. More info...

Child Training for Mothers (Volume 12) - "Keeper'sBook Series"

A Keeper'sBook from the editors of Keepers at Home Magazine.

This volume offers the experience and wisdom of 38 moms who are in the child-training stage. More info...

Homemade Creations (Volume 11) - "Keeper'sBook Series"

A Keeper'sBook from the editors of Keepers at Home Magazine.

Delight them. Save money. Organize your things. Homemade can do it. This volume features step-by-step photos and directions for 22 projects you can make. More info...

Living in Sonshine: The Joys and Noise of Mothering Boys

Loud toys. Lots of noise. Worms in pockets. And dirt where no one thinks it should be (except them of course). From infancy to adulthood boys need mothering that's up to the tough task.

In Living in Sonshine 83 authors share 130 essays and poems on how they did it. From tips for managing the everyday, to encouragement to raise a man of God, Living in Sonshine brims with everyday down-to-earth help for your mom heart. More info...

My Brother's Keeper: Race Relations in Mennonite Perspective

As Christians, we believe all humans are one extended family descended from Adam and Eve. Yet we may have difficulty seeing a family resemblance or feeling a blood kinship with people from other nationalities, ethnicities, or races. Differences, real and perceived, can lead to fear and mistrust. Being part of the human family doesn't guarantee loving relationships—even the first family was plagued by hatred and violence.

My Brother's Keeper discusses the history of race relations, looks at how Mennonites have responded to racial diversity in the past, and suggests Biblical responses to issues such as interracial marriage, transracial adoptions, race-based privilege, and political correctness.

Our homes and churches can be a foreshadowing of the fellowship of Heaven, where the Bible describes a multiethnic multitude praising God together. More info...

Object Lessons for Children

Jesus used object lessons: a fig tree, a coin, a child. He spoke of taking an axe to a tree, entering in at a narrow gate, and letting our light shine like a candle. Comparisons and contrasts to everyday objects illustrate many Bible truths.

Object Lessons for Children offers forty object lessons to help you capture children's attention and communicate truth. In addition to instructions, each lesson plan includes verses to consider and practical applications. If you ever are called upon to share a Bible lesson with a group of children, this handy resource provides you with ready-made lessons to use or inspiration to create your own. More info...

Sandals From Heaven

Vijay, from a poverty-striken family in India, needs sandals to keep his feet from becoming infected—again. Vijay prays often for sandals. Read this book to learn how God worked, and whether Vijay ever received his "sandals from heaven." Exquisitely illustrated with pencil drawings. More info...

How to Shake the World With $100

Many of us wake up on a normal weekday and go to work. We spend a large part of our day trading our time, talents, and efforts for cold, hard cash. When we spend so much time this way, can we still make a difference for God's kingdom?

The answer is a resounding yes!

This book introduces a new perspective, a radical transformation in how we view an ordinary day of work. Are you missing an amazing opportunity to shake the world for Jesus? More info...

Great Figures in History

People who influenced religious history for good or ill.

History need not be dry. This books gives the reader a very accessible snapshot of the lives of more than thirty key figures in religious history.

In addition to well-known people in history, some of whom we list in this book, there have been millions more who worked behind the scenes as helpers. Famous authors needed un-famous editors and printers. Famous evangelists needed people who invited friends to the meetings. Famous Bible translators needed wives and sons and daughters who would help them, sometimes by knowing when to leave them alone.

In God's sight, the unknown individuals are just as great as those who are better known. God bless them all. And, unknown readers, God bless you all. More info...

The Atonement

[Book cover illustrates Mark 15:38, "And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom."]

A brief description of God's unfolding plan for our salvation. Sinful man needs atonement to be reconciled to God; the Old Testament provision was Moses' Law. Then Jesus gave His life to seal the New Covenant, which is now fully able to reconcile men to God. The regenerating, renewing work of God in the obedient believer produces a new creature in Christ, who responds to God's will and expresses God's character in his life because he has the power to be a holy person.

"Alas! and did my Saviour bleed?
And did my Sov'reign die?
Would He devote that sacred head
For such a worm as I?

Was it for crimes that I had done,
He groaned upon the tree?
Amazing pity! grace unknown!
And love beyond degree!

Well might the sun in darkness hide,
And shut his glories in,
When God's own Son was crucified
For man, the creature’s sin.

Thus might I hide my blushing face
While His dear cross appears;
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness,
And melt mine eyes to tears.

But drops of grief can ne'er repay
The debt of love I owe;
Here, Lord, I give myself away;
'Tis all that I can do."

Isaac Watts

More info...

Patrick of Ireland

Sixteen-year-old Patrick felt the cool tingle of the wet grass on his feet as he strolled through his father's farm on a late spring morning. As was typical for the west coast of Britain, dense fog enveloped the hills and farm buildings.

As his sandal-covered feet sloshed through the moist green grass, Patrick squinted into the fog. For a minute he thought he saw ghostly bodies and faces. They seemed so real... but surely they couldn't be. Patrick froze.

Suddenly, blood-curdling shrieks burst through the fog, followed by harsh blasts from battle horns. Figures materialized, brandishing swords and spears, heading straight for him. Patrick turned and ran as fast as he could toward his parents' villa. Panic broke out everywhere. Women screamed. Dogs barked. Sheep bleated and ran in circles. Patrick darted toward the outer courtyard of the villa, his heart thudding.

Patrick ended up in Ireland—as a slave! But God later called him to be a missionary to these same Irish people. Would Patrick accept God's call to bring the Gospel to the very people who had kidnapped and enslaved him? More info...

"Eastward Trails Trilogy Series" Set of 3

Who are the Russian Mennonites? Their roots go back to Holland, where, in the 1530s, God raised up a church to follow Him in simplicity and surrender. These Anabaptist "heretics" were persecuted severely. Many of them migrated eastward to Poland and Prussia. In Reclaimed, the author uses fictional characters to tell the story of flight from Holland to Poland.

However, the Russian Mennonites' roots are not only Dutch. In Eva's Milk Pail, you will find families of Anabaptist believers leaving Germany because of persecution. They seek safety in Austria, Moravia, and Czechoslovakia. Everywhere there is persecution. Eventually they flee to Poland and join the brethren there.

Many years pass. When the Polish-Prussian government becomes too repressive, the Mennonites move on to Russia. That happens in the 1700s. For about 140 years they prosper in Russia.

In Trail Breaker, you will meet families who are dealing with the chaos of civil war and communism in the Russia of 1918 to 1920.

Throughout the series, major happenings are based on historical fact. More info...

Still the Storm

Groping through the darkness of drunkenness and ignorance, Tina searches for hope and peace.

"You ask about this picture all the time, Tina!" Mom exclaimed as Tina pointed to the drawing of the Man on the cross. "I don't know why they did it to Him. His name is Jesus. Now stop asking!" Mom turned back to rinsing the clothes. "Besides, you ought not to have the book outdoors."

Somberly, but still staring at the picture, Tine retraced her steps. The Man had to be in a lot of pain! Those were huge nails. She counted again, "One, two, three, four, five." Five places dropped blood—from His outstretched hands, from His feet, and from His side. He had died there on the cross. But why? For sin? What did that mean? And what did it have to do with her?

Raised in an Old Colony Mennonite setting in Mexico, Tina faced many adversities, storms that threatened her quest for truth. Illiteracy. Abuse. Mockery. Drunkenness. Doubt. Tragedy. Would she ever find the One who holds the answers and stills the storms? More info...

You Too

A sequel to Just Like Daddy.

"Me too!" says Rose whenever Johnny wants to play. Johnny is not pleased when his tag-along sister puts the puzzle pieces in the wrong places, knocks over the snowman, and steps on Johnny's smooth sand highway. With Mother and Daddy's encouragement, Johnny learns that including Rose makes work and play more fun. More info...

Climbing Upward

100 Devotionals for Adolescent Boys

Growing up involves more than growing taller and stronger. As Jesus matured from a boy into a young man, He grew in favor with God and man. Boys today can do the same.

Climbing a mountain involves exerting energy, defying the pull of gravity to reach the summit. Growing up into what God wants us to be also takes dedication and effort: reaching new goals, resisting new temptations, and developing a deeper relationship with God.

This book of one hundred devotionals encourages adolescent boys on the upward climb toward godly manhood. Boys will enjoy these stories and learn life lessons shared by men who remember what it is like to transition from boyhood to young manhood. More info...

Grandma Myrtle and Her Helpers

"I didn't know this was about having fun," Mama said soberly. "It's about taking care of Grandma. A life of service isn't about us and what we want to do. It's about doing what we know we should do for others."

Though Grandma Myrtle has multiple sclerosis and cannot walk, she enjoys many of the same things most grandmas do: birds and pets, the outdoors, letters in the mail, snowmen, shopping trips, and spending time with her grandchildren. Through surgeries and sickness and long days of sitting on her couch, Grandma strives to be cheerful and grateful.

The Yoder children serve as Grandma Myrtle's helpers. Through the ups and downs of daily life, caregiving, and pushing Grandma's wheelchair, they learn that true fulfillment comes from willingly offering their hands and feet to someone in need. More info...

Pictures of God's World and Children Around the World Mini Picture Books

2 new titles in the Mini Picture Books series. Your child will love paging through these full color picture books. The high-quality photos splashed across each page are bound to captivate and delight. Hidden animals add another dimension of engagement. Plastic coil bound with durable pages for young hands. More info...

Moses' Boat and Jonah's Boat Board Books

2 new titles in the "Bible Boats for Little Folks" series. More info...

Preschool - Names for All the Animals

A supplement to the GHI Series. Also available in the preschool complete program set.

God made the best home for each animal. Some live in polar lands, rainforests, woodlands, grasslands, desert lands, the mountains, or the oceans. Realistic drawings of 45 birds, 85 animals, and 10 fish are listed alphabetically, along with size, color, and other facts about each creature, including its habitat. All of these animals can be found in the six workbooks of the G-H-I series.

This miniature encyclopedia also includes some pages of oral exercises that give practice with counting, naming animals, matching, finding differences, following "trails," and more. Colorful artwork enhances each page.

Because this unique reference book is not designed to be written in like the previous books in the series, one copy per family is all you need. More info...

Joy and Wisdom Word Search Puzzles

2 new titles in the "Word Search Puzzles" series. More info...

A Chance to Be Brave - and other stories

Stories of boys living and learning

Steve the storyteller, who dunked his Naaman bear in the sink and flooded the bathroom; Jeff the hunter, who slept all night beside his trap because he expected God to send him rabbits; Dennis the chef, who decided that beef bouillon must be chocolate; Merrick the bike rider, who rode right into a serviceman while looking back at his dog; Ryan the student, who was sure his classmates would think him a sissy if he wore glasses—boys and girls both will enjoy these real-life stories about boys from a seasoned storyteller. More info...

The School by the Cornfield

What if homeschooling were outlawed? It once was in the United States. Private schools, using teachers not certified by the State, were outlawed as well.

This book is about a small private school, supported by local plain farmers, which continued to operate.

Faced by a daunting array of local officials, and finally by command appearances every evening before the Justice of the Peace, the farmers pled their case in a "higher court." They argued that before God, they stood personally responsible for the proper education of their children.

Both sides gathered supporters, who often brought with them personal agendas. Eventually, the matter of the little school seized national attention.

Who was right? What was the outcome of the stand taken by the school? Read this charming children's book, carefully footnoted for adult readers, to learn the outcome, and to ponder again your own opinions on this subject. More info...

Alex and His Prayer

Alex slipped his hand into his pocket. Something did not feel right. His pocketknife, the one he had found in the dirt under the deck, was gone!

Alex's foster family had told him about Jesus. They prayed to God every day. Does God really answer prayer? Alex wondered. Does He care about me?

This true story tells what happened the very first time Alex prayed. More info...

Saved from Giant Jaws

Tells the amazing story of a baby kidnapped by a hungry black bear while her Amish pioneer parents were working in a field. Read the story and find out how God kept Baby Lucy safe on that extraordinary day!

Based on a true event in the 1800s. More info...

Harvest Boy of White Hill (Book 3) - "Little Eli Series"

Book 3 of the Little Eli Series. A sequel to By the Fields of Fish Creek.

Eli follows his family down the train aisle, stepping off the metal treads onto the depot platform in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. Fresh from the sandy flatlands of Kansas, eleven-year-old Eli can't wait to see the farm Dad bought at the foot of White Hill.

Still small for his age, Eli dreads starting school in the giant building on Main Street. He dreads walking up the church aisle to sit with a row of boys he's never seen. Everything is different here.

Change is in the air. Electricity comes to the farm. Harvesting is done with tractors and newfangled equipment. And young men begin bringing Eli's sisters home from singings. Eli's world is stretched wide open until he hardly recognizes himself. Through it all he learns the weight of responsibility resting upon a farmer's shoulders, especially with money being tight.

Will the family be able to keep up the farm payments? Will Eli find acceptance as a harvest boy? And will he find answers for his many questions about God? More info...


The life of a Bhutanese girl in a refugee camp in Nepal

Ruth pulled Sristi aside and handed her something wrapped in plastic. "Sristi, I will probably never meet you again. But I want to give you a gift. Even if you don't read it now, keep it with you. Later when you grow up, you can read it."

Sristi's home was a bamboo hut in a refugee camp in Nepal. She went to school in the camp, played games with her friends, and traipsed around after her lively little brother. Every morning Sristi's mother offered incense to a Hindu goddess and rang a special worship bell.

One day Sristi opened the Bible Ruth had given her. There, in the very first sentence, she found a special surprise. Sristi and her mother began learning about the God of the Bible. Was this God truly better than their Hindu gods and goddesses? More info...

No Turning Back

Stories of Nigerian Christians suffering under Boko Haram

Gambo was just ready to reply when a sound brought them to a sudden halt. Motorcycles! Within seconds, the roar increased as the motorcycles came rapidly down the trail toward them. There was no time to react. As the cycles came into view, the young men's hearts froze. Boko Haram! The thought struck all three of them with frightening reality. Boko Haram soldiers often drove around on motorcycles doing their pillaging, but they usually hit at night, not in the morning.

"There's no time to run!" Tumba hissed.

The swarm of seven overloaded motorcycles quickly came to a stop, creating a cloud of dust as they surrounded the three young men. Each motorcycle carried two or three soldiers dressed in fatigues. All toted AK-47 assault rifles and had long knives at their waists.

"Hands up!" the leader of the group barked, "And no tricks, you pack of infidels. You are going with us."

For Christians in Nigeria, persecution is not just something that happened in the past. It is happening today—and is terrifying real. As Boko Haram terrorists make their raids, Christians often face an awful choice: renounce Christ or die.

The stories in this book are gripping, heartrending, and at times shocking. We wonder how people can be so cruel. But more than that, we see the faithfulness of God and the truth of Jesus' words, "Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand." More info...

Sometimes Mirrors Lie - and Other Stories

Stories to inspire wisdom and courage

"Sometimes Mirrors Lie" Do muscles make us strong? Do pretty faces make us valuable? God looks inside our hearts. What does He value as true beauty and strength? How do mirrors sometimes lie?

"Mr. Ornery" Brad's elderly neighbor seems to be upset by everything Brad does, and Brad is tempted to hold a grudge. How can he win his neighbor's friendship?

"Just-a-Minute Judy" Judy's new teacher expects her to respond promptly, but Judy has fallen into a bad habit. When Judy's habit causes her disappointment, what will she learn about diligence?

"Jake the Fake" Jake is overwhelmed by all his work. He is sure his parents are expecting too much of him, whether it's washing a pile of dirty dishes or hauling rabbit droppings to the garden. Are Jake's jobs really too hard, or is his problem something else?

"Estefeni's Birthday Parties" In the Spanish culture, a girl's fifteenth birthday calls for a special celebration. But Estefeni is a new Christian, and things that once seemed fun now seem foolish to her. What will her parents think if she leaves the party?

Most of the stories in this book are true episodes about real boys and girls. What will they do when met with mockery, pursued by pride, or lured by laziness? Learn with them from the book of Proverbs—that true wisdom comes from God, and real strength is the courage to do right when confronted with temptation. More info...

Countdown: A Time of Testing (Book 1) - "Century in Crisis Series"

Mark had heard stories about persecution in the past, but it didn't seem real. All he had ever known was peace, and in his youthful innocence he did not realize how quickly things could change.

In AD 284, Diocletian was crowned emperor of Rome. Almost two decades later, soon after Mark was ordained a presbyter, the emperor unleashed his fury on the church. It was a time of suffering and testing—the worst persecution Christianity had ever faced. Mark and his wife were caught right in the middle.

They had a choice. They could give up their faith and live. Maybe even prosper.

Or they could stand firm. And die...

This is Book One of the four-part Century in Crisis series. This series brings to life a tumultuous time in the history of Christianity. It was a time of deception, and the forces of evil tried every possible way to destroy the faith of true believers. Alternating between freedom and persecution, the Christian church struggled to remain faithful to the teachings of Christ.

We too live in deception times, and the tactics are still the same. What can we learn from the experiences of the early Christians? How can we remain faithful in our day? More info...

Why, God, Why?

Understanding God when He doesn't seem to understand you

"God, I have so many questions. There are things I just don't understand."

  • I prayed for a husband, but you didn't answer. I've prayed for years, but you just ignore me.
  • You gave me the desire to be an engineer but failed to provide the money for the education I need.
  • Why did you let my mother die after I claimed your power to heal her?
  • I've prayed and prayed, but you still haven't given me the money I need to pay off my debts.
  • Why did you allow someone to kidnap my innocent little girl and kill her?
  • My baby is sick and needs surgery. Are you punishing him because of my sins?

The seed for this book came from questions and complaints like these. Understanding God's answers, or lack of answers, can be hard, even for those who know Him and love Him.

Although the ways of God are often beyond our understanding, we can be sure that He does hear us and care about us. God does not want us to wallow in a maze of despair.

Life has struggles. We all know that. And there are times when we wonder, God, where are you? Why is this happening to me? This book will give us a glimpse of God's love and sovereignty—even amid our trials—and will help us more fully understand the great God we serve. More info...

From the White House to the Amish

A story inspired by the life of Thomas E. Kirkman

Will God keep His end of the deal?

Soon, Tom thought as he hurried to the hospital, I'll know if there is a God. And if He cares.

When they graduated in 1952, Thomas Kirkman and his high school classmates made daring predictions about their future, including a trip to the moon. Though Tom never made it to the moon, his journey through life took him to places just as unique.

But not even the prestige of working in the White House and the CIA could take away Tom's disillusionment and despair when he lost the most important person in his life. Convinced that God does not care, and may not even exist, Tom buried himself in his work and turned his back on God.

Then, through an unexpected voice and an unpretentious Amish man, Tom Kirkman's life was forever changed.

This work of biographical fiction echoes the true story of Thomas E. Kirkman—White House artist, CIA spy, inventor, and Amish man. More info...

Gifts for Leona Faith

Leona Faith has many gifts that are given to her by her parents and friends. But some gifts can only come from God. One of the most special ones is a precious, new baby sister!

As the days go by, Mother and Father help Leona Faith find more gifts that only God can give. Some gifts are easy to find, and they make her feel happy. But other gifts are hard to understand, and sometimes they even make her feel sad. Then Mother and Father teach her that she must be content with the gifts that God gives. God loves Leona Faith, and His gifts to her are always the best, even when she doesn't understand. More info...

Tina's Surprise Ride - and Other Stories

When Mother, Tina, and Angela step onto the train that morning, they mean only to help Grandpa and Grandma carry their suitcase and find their seats. Then Mother and the girls plan to get off the train and go home. But just as Mother sets the suitcase down, the train suddenly begins to move. The train is leaving the station, and Mother and the girls are still on it! What will happen to them now?

Allen sees a new toy tractor and sprayer at the farm supply store, but Father says that toys cost money. If Allen is willing to pick enough strawberries to earn the money for the tractor and sprayer, Father will buy the toys. Allen agrees, but he soon discovers what a big job it is to pick that many berries. Will he stick to his job?

How can Paula use her playhouse to show hospitality? What should Karen say when her cousin chooses Karen's favorite white kitten to take along home? Should Dennis give away the bananas he likes so well? Who sees Philip fall into the dumpster and helps him get out?

Tina's Surprise Ride and Other Stories is a collection of twenty-three constructive stories for four- to seven-year-olds. More info...

Drawing with Dots - Mini Coloring and Activity Book

Also available in this set.

Size: ~4.25"×5.5"

44 pages of activities. Just the size to keep in your purse for any moment when young minds and hands need something to do. More info...

Seek God and God's Beautiful World

2 new titles in the Mary Currier Mini Activity Book series. These books offer plenty of ways to occupy young and growing minds with lessons to learn while their hands are busy with crayons and a pencil. More info...

God's Amazing Animals Coloring Book

From a frog to a hippo to a kangaroo, this coloring book give children a wide range of fun animals to color. The pictures are simple, and each animal’s name is in large letters at the top of the page. More info...

A Peaceful Way - Coloring Book

Also available with a storybook in this set.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

This is a true story that happened in September of 1777, in Easton, New York.

At the meetinghouse, a small group of Quakers and a band of Indians meet face to face.

What will happen next? More info...

Preschool - My Writing Book

A supplement to the GHI Series. Also available in the preschool complete program set.

Provides practice with writing each manuscript letter of the alphabet (both capital and small forms) and numbers 1 to 25. Other exercises include writing the child's name, number words, and the name of each day of the week. The child also practices counting with fingers and learning a song about the days of the week. The accompanying pictures are to be colored. More info...

What Does the Bible Say?

Lazy, white snowflakes are drifting from a cold winter sky. "How does God make snow?" five-year-old April asks as the snowflakes cover the bushes and bare tree limbs.

Four-year-old Edward has a question too. "Does the Bible say anything about snow? Does it tell how God makes it?"

Father and Mother and the Neil children turn to the Bible to find out. Yes, the Bible has some interesting things to say about snow. The Bible also tells about other things in everyday life. It tells about thunder and wind, birds and a ball, giving and forgiving, and much more. As the Neil family look at the Bible together, they gain a new appreciation for the beauty and truth of God's Word. More info...

Plants From God (Book 3) - "Don and Jill Series"

Book 3 of the Don and Jill Series.

Words are broken into syllables, and pronunciation is included with harder words to help the beginning reader.

Each book in the Don and Jill Series is written to make a child's first reading experiences a pleasure. Simple words and short sentences allow first graders to read a whole book on their own! More info...

Count and Color

Children practice coloring many line drawings while learning each letter of the alphabet, numbers 1 to 10, number words, color words, counting, and more. Simple dot-to-dot activities has children drawing circles and squares. Other exercises include working with different sizes, color-by-number, following paths, and matching animals to their shadows. More info...

Jasper's Secret and Little Pony

2 new titles in the "Green Meadow" series. Stories about farm animals that will delight young children as they learn some important life lessons. More info...

Learning Families: Spiritual Lessons from Bible Animals - [Family Devotionals Series]

From the Family Devotionals Series.

A Family Worship Resource: Devotionals for parents and youth, plus stories for children.

Family worship is a time for parents and children to gather for singing, Bible reading, and spiritual instruction. Many parents see the importance of family worship, but struggle to find material suitable for their whole family.

Learning Families is part of a series of devotional books that addresses that need. Each of the thirteen sections in this book focuses on animals from the Bible, including cows, horses, birds, and ants. Each section has readings for seven days, making ninety-one lessons—enough for approximately a quarter of a year.

Each day's lesson consists of two parts. The first part is especially for Dad and Mom and the older children. It includes a suggested Scripture reading, a theme verse, and a devotional meditation on the topic introduced by the Scripture reading.

The second part consists of a reading from a continued children's story related to that week's theme. Each story is followed by questions for review and discussion, which provide opportunities for applying the theme to life.

May God bless your family worship time, that you and your family may "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18). More info...

Happy Day Farm Series

This is Happy Day Farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Pepper live on the farm. They have two children, Petito and Polly.

There is always a lot to do. A lot to learn and many stories to tell.

So begins each book in this series, featuring appealing stories which give young children an insight into some important life lessons. More info...


Eagerness fades into exhaustion as Tanisha brings chaos to her caring foster family.

Thirteen-year-old Twila Hammond looked forward to having another foster child join their family. She knew what they were getting into. After all, she had two adopted siblings, and their family had fostered children before.

The social worker warned that this foster child would bring extra challenges due to the trauma and neglect she had experienced. But when little Tanisha arrived, beautiful, charming, and eager to please, Twila's fears vanished. Tanisha fit right in and seemed to adjust well.

Then things started to go wrong. No one could explain Tanisha's blank, uncooperative moods, her unyielding antagonism toward Mother, and her seeming delight in causing trouble and hurting others.

Exhausted and sometimes misunderstood, Twila and her family set out on a journey to find help and hope. How will God bring healing not only to the small wounded newcomer, but also to Twila and the rest of the family? More info...

Precious: Handle with Care

A tragedy... a baby... a home. A story of adoption.

Only one more month to go. How Priska and Asherwaud looked forward to their first child. The nursery had been lovingly prepared and all the supplies were in order. Everything was ready.

And then, one night, the unthinkable happened. It was a night of horror, of evil—and their lives were changed forever.

Caught in the grip of this tragedy was a tiny baby—alive, but just barely, and facing enormous mental and physical challenges. What would become of her?

Thankfully, someone cared. This is the story of how another young couple, after seeking God's will in adopting a child, opened their hearts and their homes to this precious little girl. Read of the struggles, the uncertainties, and the heartaches they faced as they chose to make this special child one of their own.

But there were also blessings. In ways Paul and Annette could not fully understand, little Katia brought joy and enrichment to their lives. Through her, they learned to trust God more fully and to comprehend in a new way the depths of His love. More info...

Growing into His Likeness

Devotional thoughts for women

Can others tell that you are set apart as a member of Jesus' family? Do your attitudes and actions reveal His presence in your life more and more? Wilma weaves down-to-earth personal stories with insights gleaned from Scripture as she calls us to examine our lives and press on in faithfulness to the Lord.

Pause. Respond to Christ's invitation to come closer. Seek Him on the pages of Scripture. Learn to see His active presence in your life. Notice His glory around you. You will be changed as you grow to be more like Him. More info...

Protecting Your Child's Purity

Encouragement and Direction for Parents

How can I protect my child's innocence?

How can I protect my child's purity?

Who can I trust?

Who should I be careful of?

How much should I talk to my child?

What do I do if something bad happens?

Protecting Your Child's Purity offers direction and encouragement to parents as they consider the often difficult task of guarding their child's purity.

Protecting Your Child's Purity provides a fast, easy-to-read format that allows any parent to begin practicing protection today. Now.

We pray that this book will be another small push toward a tomorrow where our world will have zero tolerance for sexual abuse. One child abused among us in the next hundred years is one child too many.

See also:

More info...

The Final Conquest (Volume 7) - "The Conquest Series"

American History Through Indian Eyes

Volume 7 of The Conquest Series; sequel to Black Clouds Over the Ohioland.

In The Final Conquest, the Revolutionary War rages through the Ohioland, further testing the faith of the believers in three Christian Indian villages along the Muskingum River. Threatened with death and destruction on every side, the believing Indians and their beloved teachers cannot determine who are their real friends or enemies.

Despite numerous death threats and a number of attacks, the white teachers loyally stand by their flocks and trust in God to watch over them. Yet they fear the British Indians and look to the Americans for protection. While professing neutrality in the conflict, John Heckewelder and David Zeisberger seek to "save lives" by secretly sending letters to the American military, warning of coming attacks by the British Indians.

On the other hand, the believing Indians fear the Americans with their broken treaties, wanton murders, and threats of "visits." Furthermore, they understand the natural Indian desire for peace and a secure homeland. The believing Indians trust their own tribal nations and agree with why the Wyandot Half King "stopped up" the road to Fort Pitt and ordered that the letters should no longer go.

In The Final Conquest, you will learn the answer to which side in the conflict one could trust and the difference between being a practical pacifist or a nonresistant believer. And you will discover the true meaning of the gold medallion and its promise to Isaac Glikkikan of a permanent homeland for his people. More info...

A Cane for Grandmother

It is Sunday morning, and Grandmother wants to go to church. The trail to church is too narrow and steep for a car or truck. If Grandmother wants to go to church, she must walk.

But the trail is long and steep, and Grandmother is old and frail. She cannot climb the trail by herself. Is someone willing to help her? More info...

The Influence of Affluence

God loves to provide well for His people. But He understands human nature. He knows how attractive material things can be. The more people have, the greater their temptation to use more and more for selfish reasons. So God gives His people outlets for the excess.

"Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth" (Luke 12:15).

"Charge them that are rich... that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute,... laying up in store for themselves a good foundation" (1 Timothy 6:17-19).

The real enjoyment of riches is the ability to give and share freely with others. That is one way we can lay up treasures in heaven. More info...

Sylvester's Journal

Scrawled secrets. A heart sealed off from wife and God... Was his life a sham?

"I don't like having my papers shuffled around by anyone else! I put them where they are for a reason." Sylvester's voice softened a bit when he saw the look on Naomi's face. "My father always kept his desk locked."

Sylvester turned his back, locked the desk, and walked out the door toward his woodworking shop.

A closed door. A locked desk. A hidden journal. Irregular trips to town. And a man named Sylvester Martin. Who really is this man and what is troubling him? These are questions that Naomi cannot answer, even after years of marriage. Around his heart, Sylvester has built a wall that shuts out his wife—and God.

Riveting and candid, this story is a fresh reminder that the actions of every individual greatly affect others in the family, church, and community. More info...

Captain Garrison (1701-1781)

Based on the life of Captain Nicholas Garrison

Desperate and daring, Nicholas seeks a compass for his soul.

Young Nicholas blinked back tears and set his jaw as he watched the full moon rising. He would prove he could be trusted. He would forget the past. As soon as he was old enough, he would leave and go to sea. He loved the sea.

Nicholas' parents had taught him right from wrong. But the bitterness of loss, the anger at cruel treatment, and the lure of a sailor's loose life led him further and further from God.

After years of braving storms and pirates on the high seas, Nicholas became desperately ill. Then he remembered his Moravian friend, Brother Josef. He remembered the verses his mother helped him learn as a boy. His wicked life stared him in the face.

God had seen every sin he had ever committed. Nicholas was not smart enough to escape nor good enough to go to heaven. His attempts at right living had fallen to the ground, and he had nowhere to hide himself from God. He deserved to die.

"Father God! Give me one more chance!" More info...

Growing Children in the Light of Eternity

Growing Children in the Light of Eternity is full of outstanding philosophies for Christian parenting. It includes diverse concepts of parenting and recommendations for using the best one. One section is devoted to getting a child off to a good start in the first few years. It contains excellent instructions for training children to control their emotions while very young, which will help any child to enjoy a happier, more successful life. There are chapters on teaching the grade school age child to mature, listen to his conscience, and take responsibility for his actions and duties. Other chapters are directed to coaching teenagers into assuming adult accountability. In this section parents will find hope, courage, and instructions for heart bonding in those years that some parents find turbulent.

This book will point parents to God's thoughts about parenting. It should help them to lead their children away from low, earthly things into the high fields of God's eternal values. Hopefully it will encourage parents to nurture their children's spirits as they nourish their bodies, because the child's spirit will live forever.

From time to time, the author has written memos to parents. This book is a collection of those bits of wisdom God has given. It is written in hopes that it will inspire weary parents, and that it will answer a few of the many questions young mothers have. It is given with a prayer that it will bless families everywhere, and that godly parents will be able to more effectively influence their children to follow the Path to Heaven. More info...

God, Our Children, and the Facts of Life

As parents, we know we should teach our children about their God-given sexuality. Yet the thought of doing so often makes us self-conscious and uncomfortable.

However, God created us male and female, and His design is perfect and wonderful. God knows we can teach our sons and daughters how to be pure. He placed children in our homes, and He gives us what we need to love and instruct them. We have the privilege and responsibility to teach them a Biblical view of their bodies.

Discreetly written, God, Our Children, and the Facts of Life offers an encouraging and practical perspective on sensitive issues for parents. As parents of fourteen children, Steve and Sandra Ebersole give guidance for teaching children from toddlers to teenagers and in between. Their caring counsel prepares parents for those important conversations with precious sons and daughters. More info...

Led by His Hand

Stories from Merle Burkholder's forty years in missions

The world is so big, Merle thought, but space is much, much bigger. God is in heaven, somewhere beyond all that space. He looks down on the world, and He can see me, a young boy here in the silo.

The thought was staggering. The great and mighty God who controlled the universe saw and cared about him. Merle could not refuse the call of such a great and loving God. I don't know what you want to do with my life or where you want me to go, he prayed, but I am willing to do whatever you ask.

Merle's call to missions came as a boy growing up on a small Pennsylvania farm. Later, his dream of establishing a business nearly silenced that call.

But God's hand continued to lead Merle and his wife Edith. They ministered to souls in snowy northwestern Ontario and under the tropical sun in Haiti. God also led Merle to help begin and administer savings groups among the needy around the world, enabling them to also open their hands and give.

These stories portray the real life of a missionary—a mixture of success, failure, and everyday living—told with a touch of humor. Be inspired, and consider God's call on your own life as you read. More info...

What the Blind Man Saw

The story of Johnnie Wenger

"I've been thinking," began Johnnie as he tied the knots to hold the thread in place on the broom he was making.

"I don't doubt that," interrupted Papa dryly. "I can't keep up with your ideas. What am I to expect next?"

John S. Wenger made his home in the fertile farmland of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Born blind in one eye, he lost sight in the other at the age of twenty-two. It was a hard blow, but Johnnie was not one to give up.

Blind Johnnie learned to make brooms and assemble farm equipment, especially binders. He liked new inventions and understood machinery. He was a big help to the farmers in his neighborhood.

Blind Johnnie also helped with the Mennonite mission on Welsh Mountain. In his older years, he was delighted to learn to read the Bible with his own fingers. Determined, cheerful, and content with what God planned for his life—that was blind Johnnie Wenger.

See also:

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Destiny by Choice

Defining moments—we all face them. Times of testing. Personal crises. The crossroads of life.

Destiny by Choice is a collection of true stories. Mennonite author Lily Bear draws from a lifetime of writing experience to tell about people at the crossroads.

Though each journey is different, the characters have one thing in common: God is asking them to choose the right path.

  • Tempered Through Trials—Jacob, a peace-loving follower of Christ living in Alberta, Canada, has every reason to wonder what will happen to him when he faces the draft for World War II. In time, his trials begin to make more sense.
  • God, Where Are You?—Paul and Angela leave all to serve Jesus in remote Papua New Guinea. The mission God has for them is more trying than they ever imagined—and far more beautiful.
  • No Promise of Tomorrow—Galen, Kenneth, and Lamar: three men in their prime, three different outcomes. God asked them to consider their ways. How did they respond?

These stories and others give a sober reminder that choices take people places—and eventually to one of two eternal destinies. Choose this day whom you will serve, and choose well. More info...

Blind Johnnie - "Conqueror Series"

From the Conqueror Series.

Brooms, binders, and a big heart

Johnnie Wenger learns to live without sight as he finds his way around the farm and community. He overcomes many obstacles while making brooms, assembling farm equipment, and running a store. Fully illustrated in color, this book is inspirational for both children and adults.

See also:

More info...

Blue Hen and Her Babies - "Green Meadow Series"

From the Green Meadow Series.

Oh, Blue Hen was happy! How busy she was! She led her babies out to the green meadow to catch bugs. She took them to the little creek to get a drink. She warmed them under her feathers.

These babies did not swim in the creek. They did not fly high, high up in the trees. They just scratched in the dirt like Blue Hen did. They did everything just like Blue Hen did. More info...

Black Clouds Over the Ohioland (Volume 6) - "The Conquest Series"

American History Through Indian Eyes

Volume 6 of The Conquest Series; sequel to War Chief Conquered.

Black clouds of war again rise over the Christian Indian villages of the Ohioland. The Delaware capital of Coshocton is shaken by the great struggle of the nearby Moravian mission at Meadows of Light to keep the Delaware nation neutral.

Black Clouds reveals how promises, treaties, and justice mean nothing when war erases any sense of right and wrong. At first, both the Americans and the British promise the Indians safety if they stay out of the argument between a father (Britain) and his rebellious son (America). Instead, both sides coerce the Indians into the war.

In Black Clouds, you will see the Moravian missionaries, David Zeisberger and John Heckewelder, toiling to keep the Delaware nation neutral. In addition, you will see how the towering presence of Isaac Glikkikan brought faith and calm at a time when the storm seemed about to unleash its fury.

Furthermore, Isaac Glikkikan lays bare the root cause of the Revolutionary War. Was it taxation without representation? Oppressive government? Attacks by savage Indians? A desire for independence? Discover the real cause of the war in this historically accurate and provocative tale. More info...

Exploring... The Epistles of Peter

From the "Exploring..." Bible Study Series.

Peter began his second epistle with the words, "Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ." Peter learned early, especially after the Holy Spirit came upon the church, the value of being a servant. It was the last lesson Jesus endeavored to teach the disciples when He washed their feet. By the time Peter wrote his epistle, the problem of who would be the greatest seems to have disappeared.

In Peter's epistles, the word precious appears a number of times. Peter spoke of the precious trial of one's faith, the precious blood of Christ, a precious cornerstone, a precious faith, and exceeding great and precious promises. Most important, "Unto you there which believe he is precious" (1 Peter 2:7). Indeed, Christians find Jesus precious as they walk and work with Him.

Hopefully, the comments on these epistles will increase your love for Jesus and for the truth set forth by an apostle who loved Jesus very much. Peter's many exhortations speak to us all, regardless of our station in life.

"But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered awhile, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you" (1 Peter 5:10). More info...

Christian Courtship and Marriage

Most youth are keenly interested in courtship and marriage because God has planted in almost everyone the desire for companionship. These seeds are always good and right in themselves, for they fill a God-ordained role in courtship and marriage.

But Satan also takes an evil interest in the seeds that God plants, and he likes nothing better than to warp your ideals with his seeds of selfishness, pride, self-will, and lust. If allowed to grow, these seeds will send a courtship into sin and woe. They produce marriages that can best be described as hell on earth.

God's seeds bring good results. If you faithfully uproot all Satan's weeds and allow God's pure plants to grow in your heart, courtship becomes enjoyable, and marriage, bliss.

This book points out Satan's evil seedlings and how to uproot them, or better yet, how to never let them germinate. It will also help you to till the soil of your heart so God's good seeds can grow in health and vigor.

Will you allow your heart to be receptive to God's seeds? More info...

Bible Inspirations Coloring Book

Sixty motto-style drawings for both children and adults. A Scripture or saying framed by scenery, flowers, or designs. More info...

Tell Me About Jesus (board book)

A toddler will tear a Bible storybook to pieces, but not this one! This sturdy board book features paintings from Tell Me the Stories of Jesus. Baby's love the mirror inside!

Slip baby's first book about Jesus into your purse or diaper bag for church, waiting rooms, or quiet moments anywhere. More info...

Creation and Salvation

The study of science can be faith-strengthening or faith-threatening. On the one hand, the amazing wonders of the physical universe point directly to a wise and benevolent Creator. On the other hand, some observations and theories raise troubling questions. Many have had their faith in Salvation through Jesus Christ spoiled by their unbelief in Creation by God. This book is for those who want to come to faith in God or want their faith strengthened. Salvation is too important to be missed by unbelief in Creation. More info...

Amanda's Noodles

Outside God sends raindrops spattering on the muddy brown lawn. Raindrops make silvery trickles down the windowpane.

But Amanda is not sad. Today is noodle-making day! More info...

The Missing Invitation (Book 3) - "The Fehr Family Series"

Book 3 of The Fehr Family Series. A sequel to More Trouble Than Trouble Creek.

Megan noticed that each of her friends was holding a pink card. "What's that?" she asked.

"It's an invitation for a special singing practice," Valerie explained. "All the girls are joining in. Isn't it exciting?"

"Yes," was all Megan could say. Why hadn't she received an invitation? Tears stung her eyes, and she hurried away. It was just as she thought: the girls were leaving her out. They didn't want to be friends with her anymore.

When a new girl comes to church, Megan wants to be her friend. Can Megan and her friends learn to share the gift of friendship with everyone? More info...

From Contra to Christ

Forced into a war he didn't want to fight, Tomás longed for peace. But peace didn't come with a cease-fire. He finally found it at the foot of a cross.

Tomás enjoyed a carefree childhood in the rough mountains of northern Nicaragua. As a boy he went to church with his mother and decided he wanted to follow God.

But growing political unrest erupted into civil war. Despite having a conscience against killing, Tomás was forced to join the Contra rebels and was swept into a maelstrom of fear and battle, hunger and loneliness, and grief for fallen comrades.

When it was over, Tomás was scarred by war. Drifting far from God, he failed to keep the promises he had made during moments of wartime terror. Tomás became an expert chain saw operator, but he also became enslaved to drink. His addiction nearly destroyed his home and wrecked his life.

Then visitors arrived in Waslala, bringing the Gospel of peace. They learned to know Tomás and liked the excellent work he did when he was sober. Little by little, their words and prayers began to affect Tomás's cold heart. At the foot of the cross, he found forgiveness and true peace. From Contra to Christ is Tomás's story. More info...

Prejudice and Pardon

In the face of injustice, Lillie finds grace to forgive

"We gotta love folks even when they do bad things; that's the only way ta have peace down in the heart." The words little Lillie hears Pappaw say echo down through her life. Born into a family of sharecroppers in the Deep South, Lillie has plenty of opportunities to put this teaching into practice. Through racial slurs, grinding poverty, marital turmoil, and the accusation of insanity because of her boldness for Christ, Lillie faces it all with active forgiveness and stubborn faith. Her life and her lips bubble over with exuberant joy in her Savior, and her testimony displays the miracle of His grace. Because she chooses to forgive, God brings beauty out of her deepest heartaches. More info...

Restored (Volume 10) - "Keeper'sBook Series"

A Keeper'sBook from the editors of Keepers at Home Magazine.

Hope for the Sexually Abused and Those Who Care About Them

This book is intended for adult reading only.

I asked God, "Why didn't you let me die when I was a child? I don't want to grow up! Please let me die now!"

I thought dying was the only way my pain could end. Every night when I went to bed, I wished I would not have to wake up in the morning. I thought everyone would be happy if I died.

I felt trapped, violated, and so helpless. My brain started to go crazy. I didn't know what's right and wrong anymore. My head would hurt so badly I thought it was going to split in two. Sometimes I would inwardly yell to God, "Help me! Help me!" Other times I would just silently suffer, hoping God would see me.

The devil told me, "You know better! You were taught better than this! What is wrong with you!"

It felt like my sin was way too big to be forgiven...

—from Angela's Story

Is there hope after sexual abuse? Are the reality of words like restored, fulfilled, secure, loved, and cherished even worth considering? Does God care about the outcome of my life?

The stories and how-to in Restored shine a ray of hope into the soul of abuse victims. You're not alone. God does care. His hand reaches out to you even now. The pain of the process is worth the joy of restoration. The power of Jesus Christ prevails—even in your darkest hour.

See also:

More info...

Nobody's Boy: Kidnapped in Mexico

Where do I belong?

As a child, Obando observes his dark-haired, brown-skinned schoolmates and compares their appearance to his own blond hair and blue eyes. Which of the two dark-haired Mexican ladies in the house where he is actually his mother? Who is his father?

When adverse circumstances leave Obando homeless, he has a strong desire to uncover the mystery surrounding his life. Unusual circumstances bring him face to face with his biological parents.

This story brings out the cultural contrast between the native Mexicans and the Russian Mennonites living in colonies. Although Obando struggles to find a place to belong. God in His mercy reveals Himself to a boy who was literally lost and helps him discover his true identity. He is no longer nobody's boy. More info...

A Teacher for Calvin

A one-room schoolhouse. A first-year teacher. And a bundle of boyhood trouble.

Laura had not expected teaching to be easy. But neither had she reckoned on Calvin.

What Calvin did, he did with all his might. He worked furiously to complete his schoolwork. He played hard, and he played to win. He was the fastest runner in school, and when the children chose teams, Calvin was the first one chosen. And his side usually won.

But none of the children exasperated Laura or tried her patience like Calvin. It seemed that she hardly spoke to him except to give orders or to reprimand him. Most of the children's faces were as open as a book. But not Calvin. Inside Calvin was a boy she didn't know.

Laura knew Calvin needed a wise and loving teacher, one who could cope with his boundless energy and bring out the best in him. And Laura was not that teacher—or so she thought. More info...

Fabric of Endurance

The tough, dark threads of trial wove enduring faith into Sheldon's life.

Sheldon Grover felt ready to tackle the world. After the ravages of the Great Depression and World War II, the country was well on its way to recovery. The lush fields and vineyards of central California were in their prime. He had the skills, the farm, and a beautiful wife.

Then, in the span of twenty-four hours, Sheldon's world unraveled. Would the love of God and a loyal church family prove sufficient? Would Sheldon's life be transformed into the image of Christ, even in the face of profound tragedy?

To read this book is to witness a testimony of God's faithfulness. It is a story of how God used pain and hardship to weave beauty into the tapestry of Sheldon's life. And in tender care, God never stopped providing. More info...