Notice from the publisher: Here is a reply to the disappointed customer in regards to her thinking our Spanish reading program is missing 2 letters of the alphabet:

In our original Reading series we included the ch and ll as separate letters of the Spanish alphabet. But in working on our revision we learned that the Real Academia Español no longer looks at these sounds as part of the alphabet. They are considered as part of the c and l letters. Though we do not list them as separate letters we do teach the sounds that they represent. Even in our flash cards we do include the ch and ll on separate cards so the student does learn the sounds. One of our editors has the Spanish dictionary Anaya (1991) which explains about the change and that dictionary has the ch and ll sounds listed among the c and l letters. An editor also has the Pequeño Larousse Ilustrado (1999) Spanish dictionary which no longer lists the sounds as separate letters. Another editor has a Harper/Collins Spanish Unabridged Dictionary (2003) which also lists them among the c and l letters. The Diccionario de dudas y dificultades de la lengua española by Manuel Seco (1993) explains about these sounds no longer considered as separate letters.

We have tried to make our literature as correct as we could according to our understanding. We do appreciate your concern and ask your prayers for the work.

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