Weekly Lesson Planner

Weekly Lesson Planner

Soft (wire-bound) cover; 82 pages


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Size: 8.5"W x 11"H; wire-bound, flexible cover.

40 weeks. Eighty-two pages for your daily plans with 7 blocks (periods) per day and 5 lines per block. Each 2-page spread has columns for 5 labeled days (Monday through Friday) plus and extra column for notes.

Features in this book include:

  • Classroom Procedures
  • School Vacations
  • Report Card Marking Periods
  • Holidays (with movable dates)
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Students with Special Schedules or Health Instructions
  • Special Classes or Duties
  • Teacher's daily schedule...
  • Seating plan...
  • Supplementary data special tests...
  • Overview planning...
  • Schedule of School Events
  • Weekly Lesson Planner

While this is designed for a classroom setting, many home school families find it very adaptable for their use with several children. It gives a permanent record of school activities.