Grade 9 and 10 Science Pupil Textbook

Grade 9 and 10 Science Pupil Textbook

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Textbook for Investigating God's Orderly World, Book 2.

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12 units.

This book has been written to guide students in their growing awareness of the orderly world around them, its potential usefulness to the glory of God, and God's true relation to it as revealed in His Word.

The information was gathered from many sources and reviewed for scientific accuracy. Many experiments are suggested to explain and illustrate the facts presented. In this way the book promotes a practical working knowledge of the laws and wonders of God's Orderly World.

Chapter headings for this book are; "Light," "Sound," "The Body," "Behavior," "Work and Machines," "Energy and Engines," "Generating and Using Electricity," "Reproduction and Heredity," and "Care of the Body."