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Grade 5 Nature Science "God's Marvelous Works" Book 1 Set

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God's Marvelous Works, Book 1

This series (see also Book 2) is nature science series that is not assigned to a specific grade, but most suitable for grades 5 and 6. For a general science course in grade 5, see God's Wonderful World.

This nature series is designed to open both the eye and the mind. Plants and animals surround us, yet often we are unseeing and unthankful. The goal of these studies is to cultivate an alert, receptive attitude and an enjoyment and appreciation of the almost endless variety that the Creator has given. Each fact understood and remembered will provide a foundation for further interest and observation.

This course contains 30 lessons in 5 units. The series begins with insects, which are the most easily found and handled of all the animal groups. Later units deal with birds, arachnids, myriapods, earthworms, flowers, and reptiles.


Unit 1 - Insects

  • Insect Message
  • 1. Animals With Six Legs
  • 2. The Sheath Wings
  • 3. The Scaly Wings
  • 4. Paper Makers, Masons, and Diggers
  • 5. Trails and Tunnels of the Membrane Wings
  • 6. Wood Working, Leaf Cutting, and Building With Wax
  • 7. Tiny Friends

Unit 2 - Birds

  • My Father's Care
  • 8. Animals With Two Legs
  • 9. Riding on the Air
  • 10. Nests
  • 11. What Do I Eat? Where Do I Live?
  • 12. At Home in Marsh, on River, and on Lake
  • 13. Dining Among the Leaves, in the Air, and on the Ground
  • 14. The Taloned Hunters
  • 15. Feathered Housekeepers
  • 16. Food for a King
  • 17. By Iceberg and Glacier
  • 18. The Appointed Journey

Unit 3 - Arachnids, Myriapods, and Earthworms

  • God Giveth Food
  • 19. Animals With Eight Legs and Animals With Many Legs
  • 20. Masters of Silk
  • 21. Little Pink Farmer

Unit 4 - Flowers

  • Flower Song
  • 22. Pollen-Seed Source and Insect Food
  • 23. Blowballs and Seed Guns
  • 24. Number Three, Quick Tricks, and Shooting Stars
  • 25. Brown Fur and Triggers
  • 26. Seeds to Eat, Star Flowers, and Golden Plumes

Unit 5 - Reptiles

  • To a Green Sea Turtle
  • 27. A Roar From the Swamp
  • 28. Creature of Mystery
  • 29. Some Reptile Puzzles
  • 30. Too Wonderful for Me



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