Grade 3 Math Pupil Textbook and Worksheets

Grade 3 Math Pupil Textbook and Worksheets


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Textbook and worksheets set for Exploring Arithmetic.

170 lessons

Grade 3 reviews addition and subtraction skills from Grades 1 and 2 and teaches multiplication and division facts through table 9 and simple two- and three-step multiplication and division. Other concepts drilled are fraction meaning, measure equivalents, money values, and telling time. Mixed computation and Roman numerals are introduced. The pupil does his exercises on paper and the textbook is reusable.

The worksheets booklet has tear-out sheets that provide additional concepts beyond those taught in the textbook, as well as advanced practice to help better prepare third grade students for grade four. (Free when purchased with pupil textbook.) The answers will be found in a separate answer key booklet.