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What Happened to Our Money?

An introductory financial guide for young couples

Gary Miller / TGS International

Amos and Mandy aren't married long before they face a troubling question: Why does there never seem to be enough money? Indeed, few things in their lives are as commonplace, yet perplexing, as money management. To solve the puzzle, they mine the Scriptures and find timeless spiritual principles that transform their view and use of money.

Perhaps you wonder:

  • How do we feed, clothe, and shelter a growing family without losing sight of heavenly values?
  • Where do we find resources to serve the Kingdom of God when everyday expenses seem to consume every penny?
  • Is it better stewardship to buy a house or to rent?
  • What can we do if we feel trapped by debt?
  • How can a Christian couple avoid the discord money brings to so many marriages?

Read this book for practical and challenging answers to all these questions and more. More info...

Prayers and Peanut Butter
The Mother Book

Barbara Classen / Gospel Publishers

Every mother wants to have her act together. We want to love our family, breeze through our work, and never have peanut butter on the floor. Reality is different. Milk spills, children whine, and we make mistakes. Where is that high calling, that noble work we've always heard about? If we had to write an essay on motherhood, it might read like this:

“Motherhood. I know absolutely nothing about being a mother—nothing at all. The End.”

Prayers and Peanut Butter is about the high and noble as well as the down-and-dirty part of motherhood. You'll find poems, pastor quotes, wisdom from other mothers, helps from the Bible, tips on getting children ready to leave, ways to make the most of your time, ideas for family evenings, and inspiring anecdotes about mothers and children. More info...

Compassion—Making a Difference

Touches of a Caring Heart

Timna Hooley / Carlisle Press

Do you want to reach out to those around you more effectively? Ready for the challenge of seeing beyond the mundane?

Compassion—Making a Difference takes you beyond the everydayness of life's duties to grasp the opportunities that are on your doorstep and beyond.

Learn creative ways to become an encourager, showing others compassion and kindness.

Become the person who reaches out to others as the Lord opens your eyes and heart through the stories and ideas in this book.

Compassion—Making a Difference shows you many ways to show compassion and how that compassion will change your life and the lives of those around you. You can make a difference! More info...

Often Reproved

N. D. F. / Rod and Staff Publishers

"Why do the leaders of the church always have to tell us what to do?" eighteen-year-old Gary Grandon asked his circle of friends. "We're all Christians, and I don't know why we can't think some things through for ourselves."

Gary was a member of the Stone Hill Mennonite Church, and all his life he had been taught to submit to and respect church authority. But when that church authority touched his car, his cell phone, his clothes, his work boots—weren't the church leaders going too far? After all, Gary was a Christian too. Why couldn't he decide some things for himself?

In many areas, Gary conformed outwardly to what was expected of him, but his stubborn willfulness continued inside—until the hand of a merciful God brought him face to face with the real state of his relationship with God. More info...

Penny Wise
Keeper'sBook Volume 4

Helping You to Be a Better Steward of the Resources God Has Given You

Carlisle Press

Packed with inspiration and information that will help you be a better steward of the time, money and talents God has blessed you with. 32 articles by 22 authors. More info...

Trailblazer: A Visionary's Journey

An evangelist and his family embrace the hardships and adventures of spreading the Gospel

Rachael Lofgren / TGS International

As the young rebel rode through town on his spirited horse, he reveled in the freedom he had to make his own choices. He could have fun showing off his riding prowess. He could choose his own friends. Someday he would go anywhere he liked, and he would show his family and community all he could do.

But a change was in the making, and Sanford found it harder and harder to enjoy his selfish pursuits. And when he finally yielded himself to God, he found that the real adventures were only beginning. Now, instead of making a name for himself, he wanted to glorify God's name. And God was faithful to provide Sanford with many opportunities to do just that.

When a man who is eager for new challenges embraces God's call, anything can happen. God used Sanford to expand His kingdom in new and innovative ways. Yet, while the trailblazer experienced many exciting adventures, his life consisted primarily of serving God in ordinary days filled to the brim with hard work, difficult questions, and relational challenges. More info...

Hymns of the Church - Audio CD
Volume 1

Oasis Chorale

40 minutes. 17 a cappella songs selected from Hymns of the Church. Words included on insert. More info...

When Others Make Your Life Difficult

Daniel E. Miller / TGS International

In a broken world, we all encounter people whose behavior seems calculated to hurt us and hinder our progress. Jesus teaches us to respond to such offenses with active grace and creative peacemaking. This is a high calling. When others weary us with thoughtlessness and negativity, or wound us with malice and slander, it is not easy to rise above our own injuries to view thees offenses from God's perspectives.

Building on Biblical truths about God and humanity, this book offers inspiring examples and practical strategies to help us reflect Christ's love to others, even when they make our lives difficult. More info...

Walking the Talk

Calling All Believers in Christ to Obedience

Arvin Martin / Vision Publishers

Arvin Martin never thought he would be an author, but as he reached out to people, the Lord led him into prison ministry. What he heard and saw convinced him to write this book.

This book calls men to an obedient life in Christ for He said, "If you love me you will will keep my sayings."

Study questions follow each chapter. More info...

My O'clock Book

Little Jewel Book

Alta Fox / Rod and Staff Publishers

Judith is the youngest of 11 children. Their family lives on a farm. Join Judith and learn to tell time by her experiences through the passing hours on a typical day. More info...

Muff and Me

Mabel Martin / Rod and Staff Publishers

This simple picture book is intended not only as entertainment for small children but also as a teaching tool to help them appreciate the gifts God gives us. The fantasy found in many children's books is detrimental to the development of sound character. Our hope is that this book can be used to instill seeds of truth into very young minds. More info...