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Preschool Pastimes

Keeper'sBook #6

Darlene Zimmerman / Carlisle Press

Compiled from the contributions of over 100 mothers, this is "The Big Book of Activities for Little People." More info...

Freedom's Star

Rebecca Martin Heritage Series #5

Rebecca Martin / Carlisle Press

This is a story of two families. Both lived in the United States. Both wanted to see Canada. It was 1816.

The Peter Miller you met in Clyde the Rebel is now grown up, with a family of his own. He is a wealthy Pennsylvania farmer who, along with his married children, moves in order to own more land. Peter and his family load an enormous Conestoga wagon and travel to Canada in style with a team of four draft horses.

Not so the Paul Bolger family. They are slaves on a Virginia plantation and they are fleeing from cruel oppression. Always fearful of the slave hunters, they must run by night and sleep by day.

Kind friends help the Bolgers along. Though not yet known as the Underground Railroad in 1816, a route exists where slaves find lodging as they flee. It's because the Miller family has a slave hiding place that they get to meet the Bolger family.

But the Bolger's can't stay long. They must go on, following the Freedom Star.

All the way to her new home in Canada, Betsy Miller keeps wondering, "Will we find the Bolgers when we get there?" More info...

2017 Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner

Sue Hooley / Vision Publishers

Designed for the busy homemaker, this planner will help you efficiently organize your schedule and de-clutter your mind. Includes pages for yearly, monthly, and weekly planning (2 extra transitional months included), as well as space for tasks, events, and addresses. A handy section of perforated pages in the back is included for weekly shopping lists—enough for the whole year. Thumb tabs, dog-ear page markings, and contextual calendars make this a fast reference tool. Along with inspirational quotes about God's promises, this edition includes Scripture promises for each week to point you to the homemaker's true Source of all help and hope. More info...

Rainbows for Rosa

Arlene Byers / Rod and Staff Publishers

Rosa was seven years old, too old to cry very much anymore. Mamá had gone to heaven, and now Rosa lived with Tío Carlos and Tía Carmen. She wanted to be brave, but it was hard.

"Jesus will help you after I go," Mamá had said before she died.

Rosa looked at the fluffy popcorn clouds and wondered. If God had helped Mamá when she was sick, could He help Rosa too with her many troubles?

Although Rosa didn't know it then, God was preparing rainbows for her life—beautiful rainbows to comfort the lonely girl and remind her that God loved her and remembered His promises. More info...

The Weaving of the Tapestry

Audrey Siegrist / Rod and Staff Publishers

Now that he had reached the "old age" of twenty, Daniel Yoder faced the normal life decisions of a young man. Knowing that these decisions would affect his entire future, he wanted to choose wisely. Was God calling him to continue his service at home on the carpenter crew? Or was God calling him to teach at one of the many schools who were still needing teachers? If so, which school should he choose?

What should he do about finding a life's companion? Although he knew many fine girls, it did not seem as if he had found the right one. Did God have a godly young women for him—somewhere?

God would make His placements where it pleased Him, and Daniel had only to follow. The years ahead would prove that the threads of life were not all golden. Dark strands wove their way through the light ones; and together, they made a beautiful pattern, woven by the Master's skillful hand. More info...

Helping Grandfather

Edith S. Witmer / Rod and Staff Publishers

God has a special gift for five-year-old Sandra. This gift is her precious grandfather.

"Grandfather and Grandmother took care of me when I was a little girl," Mother explains to Sandra. "Now it is our turn to take care of Grandfather."

Sandra is pleased that Grandfather is coming to live with them. Perhaps he will read stories with her. Perhaps he will bring candy.

But something is happening to Grandfather. On some days, his mind is good, and he smiles and tells stories. On other days, his mind is sick, and he says and does strange things that make Sandra feel sad.

Through the days that follow, Sandra learns how to relate to the elderly and finds special joy in being Grandfather's helper. More info...

Dan and God's Gifts

Lynnita Hege / Rod and Staff Publishers

Dan lost his left leg. He cannot run or jump or cut the grass. But Dan can swing and sing and fish. He can help Mother and Father, and he can still thank God.

This book is written for children who are learning to read. More info...

Grade 9 and 10 Science "God's Orderly World" Set

God's World Science Series

Rod and Staff Publishers

This final course is divided into 8 units, with a total of 122 class periods. Quarterly reviews prepare the students for a final test. The teacher's manual provides scheduling guidance for dividing the material into two years of study, although it may also be covered in one year if science is taught three to four times per week.

Unit 1 covers the principles of light, including color, optics, and the eye. Unit 2 covers work and machines. Unit 3 discusses energy and engines. Units 4 and 5 cover principles and applications of chemistry. Units 6 and 7 deal with electricity, magnetism, generators, motors, circuits, electronics, and electrical safety. Unit 8 introduces reproduction and heredity.

The book has many full-color illustrations, a glossary, and an index. The hardcover teacher's manual contains a copy of the pupil's book, an introduction to each unit, an outline of major concepts, and an answer key. Tests are in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets. More info...

Don't Call Me Different

Mary Martin / Rod and Staff Publishers

Melanie is only seven years old, but she knows that she is the oldest and must be brave. Her mother has cancer, and no one knows if God will choose to heal her.

As Ervin finally recovers from rheumatic fever, his doctor shares the shattering news: Ervin's heart is permanently damaged. Will Ervin ever be strong again?

Haying season has returned, and Douglas longs to help in the way his friends do. He's almost sixteen, but he's still too short to drive the big tractors safely. Why has God chosen to give him unusually short stature?

Clayton knows that taking a nature hike with his classmates would not be possible for him. Joanne tries to satisfy herself by smelling cookies rather than eating them. Grace befriends a blind girl. Why did Victor need to eat during classtime? Why did the doctor wash out Albert's wax factory?

Just as every snowflake is different from all other snowflakes, every person is created in a unique way by a loving God. These nineteen stories illustrate how God's grace can help people of any age to triumph over life's most difficult and challenging questions. More info...

Josie's Surprise

Little Jewel Book

Sharon Beachy / Rod and Staff Publishers

A little brown hen may not be the most common kind of pet, but Sally and Susan mother her as much as their dolls. So when Josie disappears one day, the girls become quite concerned.

In this story, children will learn about trusting God's care for us in sad times—and how God sometimes answers our prayers with a glad surprise.

Josie was a little brown hen. She belonged to two little girls named Sally and Susan.

When Josie was a chick, a piece of wood fell on her wing and broke it. Sally and Susan took care of her, and soon Josie's wing was healed. By then, Josie had become their pet.


More info...

When the Cows Got Out

Little Jewel Book

Dorothy Koch / Rod and Staff Publishers

How could Timothy get the cows back into the barnyard? Finally, Timothy remembered that he could pray, and so an idea came to him. This well-illustrated book can help children learn about dependence on God.

One summer day, Timothy came to visit Grandfather on the farm. The farm was in the mountains.

Grandfather had many apple trees on his farm.

When Timothy saw the big apples, he ran to get one.

He was climbing the tree when he heard cowbells ring.

Clink clank, clink clank.


More info...

A New Tooth for Karlyn

Little Jewel Book

Lillie Ann Martin / Rod and Staff Publishers

Five-year-old Karlyn learns how God has planned to give him a grown-up tooth. Children will relate well to the somewhat frightful experience of losing that first tooth.

A boy with sparkling chocolate eyes
Thought being five was fun!
And Karlyn was like any boy—
He loved to jump and run.


More info...

Moses, the Meekest Man

Mary Miller / Rod and Staff Publishers

A simply told story of Moses and the people he was called to lead out of Egypt. A good book to help young readers appreciate the work God did through a faithful man. More info...

Fishing With Uncle Nathan

"Stepping Forward Series" Step 4

Mary Martin / Rod and Staff Publishers

Uncle Nathan gives Sheldon and Rachel a happy day. He takes them fishing! The children like to sit in the boat. They like to hear the waves splashing against the side of the boat. Uncle Nathan will show the children how to catch fish. Can Sheldon and Rachel catch fish too? More info...

Life in the Woods

"Nature Discoveries with Uncle Mike" Series

Mike Atnip / TGS International

Did you know a fly's eye is made up of hundreds of little eyes? Have you ever seen a candy-striped leafhopper, scarlet elfcups, or the details of a crane fly's wings? Learn about many wonders of God's creation as you meander through the summer woods in Ohio. Children's photo book with text. Preschool through second grade. More info...

All the Happy Children

Bethesda Fellowship / TGS International

Children love to sing, and God loves to hear them sing. This CD contains many familiar children's songs sung in four parts to help train young ears for harmony. The nine adult singers are from Bethesda Fellowship in Plain City, Ohio. More info...

This Is the Erie Canal

Rebecca Newswanger / Rod and Staff Publishers

Many years ago, settlers began to spread west across America. With horses and wagons, they found their way through the trees and over the mountains.

But the people needed better ways to travel back and forth. The merchants in the cities in the East wanted to ship goods to the settlers in the West. The farmers and trappers in the West wanted to send grain, fruit, and furs to the cities in the East.

De Witt Clinton thought of a plan. Why not build a canal across New York State? Some people laughed and called it "Clinton's Ditch." But De Witt Clinton did not give up. More info...

Days With Mary

Mabel Martin / Rod and Staff Publishers

"When will I get a new dress for the first day of school?" Mary's green eyes sparkled. "When will we go to the store to buy dress material?"

Mother kept on cranking the handle of the butter churn. The thick cream slurped. Thoughtfully Mother looked at Mary. "Father and I decided that your new school dress will be made out of feed-sacks. Your old Sunday dress will also be a school dress."

The sparkle in Mary's eyes sailed away like little boats on a storm sea. "A feed-sack dress," she sighed.

Feed-sack material was used for making a lot of things, such as tablecloths, tea towels, quilts, and pillowcases. But for a school dress?

Life in the 1950's held challenges for everyone. But six-year-old Mary soon learned that contentment was not found in the things she wanted, but rather in thankful acceptance of what the Lord provided. More info...

A Kind of Courage

Challenging stories of young teens facing hard choices

Mary Burkholder / Christian Light Publications

Travis tensed as he heard his counsins' dirty talk. Again.

Kate stayed awkwardly in the background while her sister Amy laughed and flitted easily from person to person. It just isn't fair, Katy thought.

Haley's little brothers we so aggravating. "I wish you'd try a little harder to get along with the boys," said Haley's mom.

It was exciting to feel popular and important. But Nicole's new friends expected her to keep on slandering the teacher.

"What you need is a boyfriend," Emily said. "And I can tell you how to get one..." She leaned in closer, smiling mischievously.

Dad's always on me about something, Tony thought, scowling.

These stories are about challenges, struggles, and tough choices faced by young teens. You may recognize some of them... in your own life.

A Kind of Courage will help you make choices that will strengthen you spiritually and increase your desire to please God. More info...

Birds of the World
Volume 3 (Q-Z)

Rod and Staff Nature Library

Rod and Staff Publishers

Firmly based on the creation account in the Bible and God's maintenance of all things by the word of His power, this new reference will inspire your faith with the marvels of the feathered creatures. Here you will learn things you never knew about familiar North American species, and you will also explore the wonders of many other fascinating birds around the globe.

  • Easy-to-read, informative text that appeals to children and adults.
  • Over 300 photographs showing bird species in their natural surroundings.
  • Range maps for many species
  • Fact files in each entry to provide information at a glance.
  • Special features on supplementary topics such as bird's nest soup.

More info...

Word Search Puzzles

Jean Knabbe / Christian Light Publications

90 puzzles.

Are you looking for worthwhile ways to occupy your children? Do you want to brighten the outlook of a shut-in or a lonely senior citizen? Or perhaps you want to fill your own mind with thoughts of God. This book of puzzles may be just what you're looking for

The Bible verses in these puzzles remind us of the importance of knowing the truth. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." In addition to finding the hidden words, you may enjoy the challenge of memorizing selected verses. More info...

Word Search Puzzles

Jean Knabbe / Christian Light Publications

90 puzzles.

Are you looking for worthwhile ways to occupy your children? Do you want to brighten the outlook of a shut-in or a lonely senior citizen? Or perhaps you want to fill your own mind with thoughts of God. This book of puzzles may be just what you're looking for

The Bible verses in these puzzles remind us of what God says about peace. Real peace comes from being right with God. "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." In addition to finding the hidden words, you may enjoy the challenge of memorizing selected verses. More info...

Las Bienaventuranzas [The Beautitudes]

Linda Shirk and Miriam Zook / Editorial Vara y Cayado

Este libro cita e ilustra las bienaventuranzas de Mateo 5:3-12. Las letras abiertas y las ilustraciones se pueden colorear. El objetivo es que el niño memorice las bienaventuranzas mientras las colorea.

[This book quotes and illustrates the beatitudes of Matthew 5:3-12. Open letters and illustrations can be colored. The aim is for the child to memorize the Beatitudes as well as the colors.]

More info...

Shadow the Barn Cat

Pleasant Valley Farm Series

Helga Moser / Christian Light Publications

Shadow was a shy cat, but she was also brave and diligent. When Farmer Don ruined her perfect hiding place in a tunnel of hay, she didn't give up. Shadow searched and searched for a new spot. It had to be just right for keeping her secret safe.

This story creatively illustrates for children the scripture, "He that diligently seeketh good procureth favour." —Proverbs 11:27 More info...

A Cup of Cold Water

Little Jewel Book

Laurene Troyer / Rod and Staff Publishers

This story sweetly illustrates ways in which even a child can honor and care for the aged, through kindnesses as simple as giving "a cup of cold water."

My mother checks the calendar
And turns to look at me.
"Today we visit Sister Dawn
To do her therapy."


More info...

Praises We Sing

Elmina Yoder and Lula A. Miller / Christian Light Publications

382 songs. Inspirational songbook for children and youth. Especially designed for use in the Christian school (grades 1-12). Excellent for assemblies, summer Bible schools, Sunday schools, and the home. Contains a large selection of Christmas songs, songs for special occasions, anthems for high school singing, and much more. Topically arranged. Shaped notes. More info...

Errand Boy

Edith S. Witmer / Rod and Staff Publishers

Six-year-old Larry and his family live in a nice house in Georgia. Larry likes to live there. He likes the swings that Father made for him and Marjorie. He likes to play with his new puppy. He likes all the friends who go to his church.

But Father says that God has another plan for their family. God wants them to move to a faraway land called Honduras, where many people are poor and sad and do not know about God. "God wants us to run errands for Him," Father explains. "He wants us to go to Honduras to tell the people about Him."

Larry knows all about running errands for his father and mother, and he enjoys helping them with their work. But he is not so sure about this errand.

In the life-changing days that follow, Larry and his family discover the many rich blessings that await those who are faithful in doing the Lord's work. More info...

You Are Too Small, Little Eli!

Judy Yoder / Christian Light Publications

"You are too little to go along, Eli," his sisters would say when they left for the hills to pick blackberries.

"You are too young to go this year," Dad said when Eli's sisters and big brother Sanford hurried off to the Diamond Point School.

Even Grossmommy said he must wait to do bigger things. It seemed no matter how long he waited, Little Eli could never grow big enough to do the things he wanted to do.

He was just the little errand boy—always pumping buckets of water from the well and gathering corncobs for Mom to light the stove.

Still, lots of exciting adventures await a shy little Amish boy on the wide Oklahoma prairies during the dry years from 1939 to 1942—a train trip to Iowa, entertaining some strangers during a blizzard, and watching cowboys working near his family's faded little farmhouse.

When Grossdoddy dies, leaving the Amish people without a bishop, Eli is surprised by some dreadful news. Is he big enough to face a new challenge in his life? More info...

Amazing Insects Around the World
Coloring Book

Anthony Hurst / Hurst Publications

What is so fascinating about insects? First of all, they show the amazing creativity of God, our Creator. Scientists have identified around one million species of insects. But they estimate that there may be a few million more to discover and identify! The Amazon region of South America and the Congo region of Africa are just full of these unidentified critters.

Second, consider the immense variety of instincts in insects. Take, for example, just bees and wasps—so many types of nests that they build, and so many different foods that they eat. How do they know what kind of nests their species should build? Do they ever get mixed up and try to build one like their neighbor's? No, of course not. God gave them the natural ability to build the nest just like they are supposed to.

As you color these pictures, I hope you are amazed and thrilled with the greatness of God. More info...