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A Journey into Reality: Lessons from Genesis

Silas Martin / Milestone Books

As we grow up, we begin to seek answers to some very important questions. How did the world and everything in it get here? Where did life come from? Why am I here? Why is there evil in the world, and why do bad things happen? Does it matter how I live?

People will give us many different answers to these questions. But how can we know which answers are right? We know that the correct answers will agree with reality, that is, the way things really are.

“The authors have shown in A Journey into Reality how the Holy Scriptures of the Bible provide satisfying explanations that agree with factual and observable reality. The presentation is non-technical and yet thorough, and readily understandable by someone able to read well. As a grandfather greatly interested in the next generation, I warmly recommend this book for today's young people.” —Donald E. Chittick, Scientist and former science professor

More info...

The Ruler's Daughter

Mrs. Marvin Good / Rod and Staff Publishers

Based on Matthew 9:18-25; Mark 5:21-43.

Part of the Say-It-Again Series #2. These books were written to provide simple, repetitious stories to be read by beginning readers who can profit by the extra repetition, or to be read to younger children whose minds can more readily grasp the content of oft-repeated material. More info...

Color Invisibles

Melinda Fabian / Carlisle Press

What does a pine cone, a flower vase, and a strawberry have in common?

Not much, except they, along with over 300 other objects are hidden in the pages of Color Invisibles, just waiting for you to discover their secret hiding places! Ages 3 and up. More info...

Bible Treasures Coloring Book

Mary Currier / Christian Light Publications

Children will soak up Scripture while coloring in a book that is just their size. This mini coloring book has a Bible verse on every page and includes nature scenes, animals, and some poster-type pages. More info...

How Is My Book Made?

Marcia Bender / Rod and Staff Publishers

"Mother, I really like my new book!" exclaimed Alvin, hugging My Book About God to his chest. "Who made my book? How did they make it?"

To answer Alvin's questions, Father and Mother take the family for a tour of the Rod and Staff publishing house. From the writer's desk to the shipping department, Alvin sees the steps that a book takes before it reaches his mailbox.

This book is written especially for children and contains photos to illustrate the steps in the publishing process. More info...

Someone New at Caleb's House

Brenda Weaver / Christian Light Publications

Home is where manners are first taught and practiced. When Calebís baby sister arrives, he gets to practice the homemade manners Mama and Daddy are teaching him. A big brother must be kind and gentle. More info...

Learning More and More

Final Preschool GHI Series Workbook

Martha Rohrer / Rod and Staff Publishers

Teaching Aims:

  • Practice skills of thinking, coloring, counting, tracing, writing, drawing, cutting, pasting, and matching.
  • Review and use eleven colors: eight basic colors, white, pink, and gray.
  • Introduce mixing the three primary colors to make other colors.
  • Count by 1s and 2s to 100 (or more). Write numbers 0 through 12.
  • Identify numbers 0 to 20 in dot-to-dot drawing.
  • Introduce pennies. Introduce hours on the clock.
  • Review six shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, and oval.
  • Identify sequence of shapes. Draw shapes and simple pictures.
  • Match capital and small letters and words by visual discrimination.
  • Trace and write a few letters correctly.
  • Hear some rhyming sounds and a few initial consonant sounds.
  • Learn about birds and animals that live in or near the oceans.
  • Review the six other habitats of this series:
    • Polar lands are cold. Mountains are high.
    • Woodlands have trees. Grasslands have grass.
    • Rainforests are wet areas. Deserts are dry areas.

More info...

Bible Story Dot-to-Dots

Mary Currier / Christian Light Publications

Thirty-seven simple pictures provide opportunities to practice counting and improve hand/eye coordination. A story summary briefly explains each picture. More info...

The Shepherd of Salm

The story of a Täufer congregation during the French Revolution (1789-1794)

Joanna F. Martin / Rod and Staff Publishers

"What's going on here?" a voice thundered. "I wish you Täufer would get out of here!"

Christian Gerber jumped. Who? What? Why would anyone be so angry?...

He tried to remember. Something about that voice seems familiar—that German with a heavy French accent. Who can he be?

To Christian, Paris seemed far away that summer afternoon in Salm, and he did not guess how the uprisings the stranger described would affect the the next years of his life or disrupt the home he hoped to share with Anna K¨pferschmitt or call him to the greatest privilege God grants His children—the opportunity to lay down life to gain Life. Yet, Christian had placed his faith in the Shepherd, and he was ready to follow.

The Shepherd of Salm is a carefully researched and fully documented story of real people in real places. Some of this material has been gleaned from resources that were freshly translated into English specifically for this project. More info...

Love Lifted Me

How a Cambodian genocide survivor and an American biker found the Lord and each other

MarJanita Geigley / Christian Light Publications

Young Pouv had a tender heart and a curious mind. Things just don't make themselves, she thought. Born into a Buddhist family in Cambodia, how would she find the truth?

When the Khmer Rouge swept in, bringing unimaginable horrors to Cambodia, Pouv's world—and her family—was ripped apart. Forced labor, brutal treatment, and living near starvation became her daily existence. Hundreds of thousands perished.

Pouv's questions remained. Looking into the starry night sky, she asked, "Do you ever wonder where this all came from?" No one answered. Did anyone know?

Dennis Burfete was a rowdy young rebel. Quick to take his own way and slow to follow orders, he was constantly in trouble. As a young man, joining a motorcycle gang gave him a sense of power and independence. "No one tells me what to do," he said defiantly. But his life became a wasteland of emptiness. Was this the best life had to offer?

Dennis and Pouv's lives were worlds apart, but they shared a common and desperate need. They each found the one and only truly satisfying Answer, and then they found each other.

A true testimony of God's love and mercy. More info...

Always Face a Panther

And Other Stories of Earlier Days in America

Ruth K. Hobbs / Christian Light Publications

Let's go visit people who lived long ago—most of them over a hundred years before you were born! Their lives differed from ours in many ways. Imagine running a farm and taking care of your family alone, spending a winter in the north woods trapping animals, or working long hours in a grinding room. Young people today just don't do those kinds of things.

Times have changed since those days, but people remain the same. Young people then knew that obedience, respect, kindness, and hard work were important, just as we do. They faced temptations to do things they knew were wrong, just as we do.

Come along! Open the book—let's go visiting. What do these friends from long ago have to tell us? More info...