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Gracia's Herbs

Gracia Schlabach / Carlisle Press

Do you love herbs with their intriguing flavors, colors, and textures? From leafy green basil to delightful sweet lavender, with rugged comfrey in between, herbs provide amazing natural seasoning, fragrance, and medicine.

Follow Gracia's hands-on experience as she plants the herb garden, sows seeds, and snips leaves for drying. Savor delicious herbs as she combines her favorite flavors. Then discover the versatility of herbs as she explores projects throughout the year—indoors and out. More info...

Noah's Ark Coloring Book

Rhoda Showalter and others / Christian Light Publications

Simple text and realistic, easy-to-color pictures bring the Bible story of Noah to life for young children. Provides hours of activity while reinforcing the story of God's promise. Includes cutouts for making a paper stand-up animals and stand-up ark (not to scale). More info...

Justin's Jungle Adventure

Mary Currier / Christian Light Publications

Justin knew that he should never go into the jungle. Dangerous animals lived there. So when Justin built his play hut under the leafy bubinga tree, he thought he was safe. Stunning artwork on every page. Recommended for ages 3 to 6. More info...

M Is for Monkey

Kelly Kauffman / TGS International

Most children love pets, but not many youngsters have pet monkeys. Kelly's family had two! Tinker and Sassy were a lot of fun. But monkeys are also mischievous and can cause lots of trouble. Follow the antics of Tinker and Sassy as they make life exciting for the Kauffman family in Liberia. Children of all ages will enjoy the stories and pictures in this full-color book. More info...

God's Miracle—Milk

Rebecca Newswanger / Christian Light Publications

Rhyming couplets illustrated with pencil drawings explain how milk and milk products get from a cow to the table via the modern dairy farm, transport truck, and factory. More info...

Bible Verse Coloring Calendar

Mary Currier / Christian Light Publications

This unique book provides children with an opportunity to create their own wall calendar by coloring in the picture mottoes, and writing the days of the month. It is undated, but includes thumbnail calendar dates in the front through 2020. This book is designed to help your children express their creativity. By coloring the pictures carefully, they can enjoy them each day of the month. Later, verses from outdated calendars may be framed to be used as mottoes.

As children fill in the numerals for each day of the month, they will observe that a month may begin on any day of the week. Below the numerals, they may want to write birthdays of family or friends, or other important events.

We hope this calendar will increase children's interest in understanding and using a calendar regularly. More info...

My Animal Friends Coloring Calendar

Mary Currier / Christian Light Publications

This book is designed like the Bible Verse Calendar above. It provides children with an opportunity to create their own wall calendar by coloring in the picture mottoes, and writing the days of the month. It is undated, but includes thumbnail calendar dates in the front through 2022. More info...

Love Word Search Puzzles

Jean Knabbe / Christian Light Publications

90 puzzles.

Are you looking for worthwhile ways to occupy your children? Do you want to brighten the outlook of a shut-in or a lonely senior citizen? Or perhaps you want to fill your own mind with thoughts of God.

You may find the puzzles in this book just what you need. These puzzles will draw your mind to God—the source of love. They will remind you to "love the Lord thy God with all thy heart" and to "love thy neighbor as thyself." In addition to finding the hidden words, you may enjoy the challenge of memorizing selected verses. More info...

What Happened to Our Money?

An introductory financial guide for young couples

Gary Miller / TGS International

Amos and Mandy aren't married long before they face a troubling question: Why does there never seem to be enough money? Indeed, few things in their lives are as commonplace, yet perplexing, as money management. To solve the puzzle, they mine the Scriptures and find timeless spiritual principles that transform their view and use of money.

Perhaps you wonder:

  • How do we feed, clothe, and shelter a growing family without losing sight of heavenly values?
  • Where do we find resources to serve the Kingdom of God when everyday expenses seem to consume every penny?
  • Is it better stewardship to buy a house or to rent?
  • What can we do if we feel trapped by debt?
  • How can a Christian couple avoid the discord money brings to so many marriages?

Read this book for practical and challenging answers to all these questions and more. More info...

Prayers and Peanut Butter
The Mother Book

Barbara Classen / Gospel Publishers

Every mother wants to have her act together. We want to love our family, breeze through our work, and never have peanut butter on the floor. Reality is different. Milk spills, children whine, and we make mistakes. Where is that high calling, that noble work we've always heard about? If we had to write an essay on motherhood, it might read like this:

“Motherhood. I know absolutely nothing about being a mother—nothing at all. The End.”

Prayers and Peanut Butter is about the high and noble as well as the down-and-dirty part of motherhood. You'll find poems, pastor quotes, wisdom from other mothers, helps from the Bible, tips on getting children ready to leave, ways to make the most of your time, ideas for family evenings, and inspiring anecdotes about mothers and children. More info...